Jerome Mayne Keynote Speaker

Make the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy.

Keynote Speaker, Fraud, Ethics

“The most ESSENTIAL keynote speaker your audience needs to hear this year.”

Make the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy.

Jerome Mayne, an international keynote speaker on fraud and ethics.  He is also a former felon.  As you can imagine, he has powerful stories about fraud, ethics and prison.

Public speaker on ethics.


Jerome speaks from experience with wit and passion. His story starts with success in corporate America and ends in federal prison for a white collar fraud conspiracy conviction.

I work with organizations that want their people to make the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy.

My focus is on the development and attitudes of corporate professionals, and their ethical choices.

“Your personal stories and your message captured and entertained the audiences at two of our biggest corporate events of the year.

Greg Strohm – Director of Quality, Stewart Title Guaranty Company


Serious, Entertaining Keynote Speaker on Fraud

Using his 20+ years of experience in the speaking, entertainment and comedy industries, a self-taught expert on fraudulent behavior and almost 2 years in federal prison, Jerome will capture your audience and do his part to make your event a success!

Bubba? In Prison?

“Your talk was very entertaining at this year’s Arkansas State Bar Association’s Annual Conference. I could tell you really connected with the crowd. You may use me as a positive reference any time you wish.”

Randall S. Bueter, Esq. – Real Estate Section Chair, Arkansas State Bar Association

It’s Not All Fun and Games

He is a serious, yet entertaining keynote speaker on fraud and ethics; topical presentations that endure. He tells his story about the consequences of fraud in corporate America and the lack of ethics that cripple businesses and devastate the individuals and families involved.

He’s had the humbling opportunity to speak at conferences and conventions for hundreds of international businesses organizations and professional associations on the topics of fraud and ethics.


Keynote Presentations of Jerome Mayne

Fraud and Consequences
, and Survive Life and Laugh Yourself to Death are dynamic, emotional, entertaining and funny keynote presentations.

Primary Keynote

Fraud and Consequences is the story of Jerome’s experience as a regular guy in his mid 20s, with a regular family and working a regular job as a loan officer. He gets approached by a group of sketchy “real estate investors” and proceeded to work with them.

Over the ensuing months, he started to realize that the actions and activities by his new clients were not on the up-and-up. Instead of blowing the whistle he got further involved. He became part of the group with which he would one day be a co-conspirator. He cut ties with the “real estate investors” and moved on to legitimate entrepreneurial endeavors.

After 4 years of being ‘in the clear,’ he was indicted and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. For the next year he experienced pre-trial, federal court and received a 21 month federal prison sentence. Life as he knew it changed forever. Leaving his family, including two small children, he reported to the federal prison in Yankton, South Dakota. He met a host of characters; some new friends and some new enemies.

In this keynote presentation you will hear about the trials and tribulations of the consequence of committing mortgage fraud. With a combination of Jerome’s story telling abilities and his entertainment background you will feel the emotional anguish. However, you will also laugh at the comedy he found in the middle of his nightmare.