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Frank Abagnale Speaker on Fraud

Frank Abagnale is one of the top speakers on fraud and ethics in America today. If want to book him for your conference or event you would contact his speakers bureau, Keppler Speakers in Arlington, VA.

frank abagnale, jerome mayne, speaker, fraudWho Is Frank Abagnale?

He is best known for the movie that was made about him titled, Catch Me If You Can. It is a story about intentional unethical decisions. The movie depicts him as a criminal mastermind, con artist and a con man who travels the country taking on different characters in order to lure them in to trusting him. His primary con was in check fraud and forgeries. He knew how to falsify bank checks and used this scam to bilk millions of dollars out of unsuspecting people and companies. He wound up fleeing the country to avoid getting caught by the FBI. He continued his scams and forgeries in other countries but wound up in prison overseas.

He eventually went to federal prison in the United States. He cut a deal with the federal government. He agreed to work with them to help the fraud investigators catch other white collar criminals who were trying to perpetrate the same scams.

To Book Frank Abagnale for My Conference

Event planners who are preparing for an event with the theme of fraud and or ethics, might want to book a speaker who has been to prison. He can be reached at Keppler Speakers in Arlington Virginia.

How Much Does It Cost to Book Frank Abagnale?

While he is one of the most popular keynote speakers on fraud and ethics for conferences and conventions across the United States, he costs a lot. His fees range between $20k and $30k. His ratings are extremely high and his recommendations are outstanding.

Alternative Speaker on Fraud

Jerome Mayne has been speaking at conferences and conventions since 2001. Much like Frank Abgnale, Jerome also speaks about his experiences with white collar crime, FBI investigations and prison. His fees are between $5k and $10k. He is also a humorous keynote speaker who is often booked or hired as an alternative speaker.