Public Speakers Using Improvisation

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Improvisation in Business

The popularity of public speakers using improvisation in business is more popular than ever before. This is because the principles of improv apply to the development of professional skills.

Jerome’s Experience in Improvisation and Business

It is extremely important to hire a speaker who has actual experience in both business and improvisation. Without a background in both fields, you run the risk of hiring a speaker who looked up some fun improv exercises online. Understanding the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind the principles of improv is the only way to improve professional development skills and make the new skills stick.

Jerome’s Experience in Business

In the 1990s Jerome Mayne founded two corporations. The first was a real estate investment business and the second was a real estate finance company. This gave Jerome the first hand experience required to form and grow a company with employees, business partners and build relationships with clients. At that time there were very few public speakers using improvisation in business.

Important Note: These companies and their success were not the subject, nor were they involved in the business activities that led to his federal indictment.

Experience in Improv Comedy

In the summer on 1998, Jerome took his first improv class. This was the start of his training in improvisation. At first it was an outlet for his love of performance and his passion for comedy. He soon learned that the skills he was developing for humor and performance were also useful in his business.

He found that ‘thinking on your feet’, ‘effective communication‘ and ‘team building’ were improving relationships with clients and employees. He never thought he would become a public speaker using improvisation to help other businesses grow their work force.

Effectiveness of Improvisation in Business

The learning process is fun. After all, improvisation is a form of comedy – just like stand-up. There is proof of the effectiveness of hiring public speakers using improvisation. Powerful leadership communication, building and growing a team and, of course laughter in the workplace have high value. Today, public speakers using improvisation to develop their employees will propel your business to the next level.

Other Public Speakers Using Improvisation in Business

If you search the internet, you’ll find a few speakers who use humor. Some use improvisation as part of their workshops. The key is to find one that truly understands the principles of improv.