Ethics in the Workplace

All That Ethical Jazz

ethics workshopsCompanies don’t go to prison, people do.

Self confidence combined with creative problem solving and communication skills not only lead to stronger values, they lead to a stronger bottom line.

Jerome leads your group through real solutions to the day-to-day challenges that we all must face.  These ethics workshops are not just sit-and-listen presentations.

Ethics in the Workplace

Jerome’s ethics in the workplace workshops have been developed from over 25 years of successes and failures. His source data, research methods and materials are unmatched. His unwitting experience and involvement with con-men in a white collar conspiracy and serving almost 2 years with white collar criminals in federal prison have prepared him for this.  Additionally, he spent hundreds of hours with federal prosecutors, FBI agents, attorneys, auditors and fraud investigators.

Ethics Workshops Take-Aways

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a co-worker, employee, boss, manager, client or someone on your team; on the spot, quick and creative decision making is critical to all areas of all jobs.  These interactive workshops are fun and hands-on. You will be inspired to use these creative thinking and problem solving skills to make quick decisions, on the spot.

  • how to beat a conman at your game or profession
  • why your gut feeling may be better than your code of ethics
  • why the typical ‘Red Flag’ checklists are sometimes ineffective
  • how to trust your instincts and know they are always right
  • how to make the right ‘life changing decisions’ on the spot

Workshops Include

  • 1 – 2 hours, half day or full day
  • qualifiable for CE, CPE, CLE, CEU and more
  • highly effective with specific take-away skills
  • interactive and built around the principles of improv
  • extremely fun and engaging
  • not boring

For Professional Development of Ethics

Jerome’s professional development workshops on ethicsworkshops on leadership communication as well as cross functional communication are just right for your conference or convention break out sessions. Ethics workshops and leadership workshops go hand in hand with strengthening the professional skills of your group.

Ethics and Decision-making

Interactive workshops are not just for professional development of leadership communication and team building. Jerome’s workshops can be tailored to ethics and decision making. Interactive skill building exercises can and do develop one’s ability to make effective, self confident decisions.

Improvising “Industry” (for mortgage, real estate, title insurance)

  • Decoding physical, emotional and behavioral responses
  • Building the impromptu team
  • Effective brainstorming
  • Turning negative communication into a effective communication
  • How to build the confidence of everyone around you
  • How to organize chaos
  • Why you want to be unprepared for the meeting

1 – 2 hours, half day or full day

Interactive Ethics Workshops

Learning about ethics by doing improv exercises is not something most business professionals would think about. In business, in every profession making quick decisions on the spot, indicate self confidence. Self confidence and doing the right thing go hand in hand. These workshops are perfect if you are looking at building skills on ethics in the workplace.