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Serious and Humorous
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Keynote Speaker – Jerome Mayne

Serious. Humorous. Entertaining. Chilling.

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Your personal stories and your message captured and entertained the audiences at two of our biggest corporate events of the year.

Greg Strohm, Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Motivational keynote speaker Jerome Mayne

“Your story was an inspiration. The conference truly would not have been the same without you.”

Land Title Association of Mississippi

Laura Ellis Royal – Events

Serious, Entertaining Keynote Speaker

For over 20 years Jerome has been a top rated motivational keynote speaker. His story is serious, humorous and is told with wit and passion. With his background as a touring stand-up comedian and his 21 month federal prison sentence for white-collar conspiracy, he has the ability to:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Take your group on an emotional roller-coaster
  • Turn tragedy into comedy
  • Entertain your audience — they will laugh and maybe even cry
  • Provide actionable takeaways
  • Make you look good (not stupid) as an event planner
  • Is a Something Different keynote speaker for the next event
  • Make your event something that your audience will not soon forget
Top testimonial from keynote speaking client  in Texas
John Snell – Dallas/Fort Worth Association of Mortgage Brokers

The Three Pillars

Discover Clarity. Make Choices. Embrace Consequences.

Jerome Mayne Motivational Conference Keynote Speaker

Jerome Mayne Credentials

Jerome has been a keynote speaker for over 20 years. You have found a seasoned professional who is the clear authority on ethics, storytelling, humor and many other qualities you don’t get from your average motivational speaker.

  • Published Author — has sold thousands of copies of his best selling book, Diary of a White Collar Criminal. Self narrated on Audible and also available on Amazon. With over a 4 star rating his book is a top seller among business professionals seeking a true life story on ethics.
  • Hundreds of clients and sponsors — Jeromes vast client list includes over 2 dozen industries. Primary types of associations and corporations such as: Fortune 500 Companies, Business Finance, Real Estate, CPA (accounting), Attorney (legal), Government and Regulatory, Banking, Mortgage, Title Insurance, Fraud Examiners, Auditors, Insurance, Law Schools and Colleges — to name a few.
  • Social Media Giant — with Jerome’s presence on LinkedIn and yes Facebook, of course YouTube and unfortunately Twitter, he is seen by hundreds of followers each month. The business community has found his content to be useful, relevant and entertaining. This is why he has so much engagement.
  • Satisfied Clients — With dozens of past clients Jerome has acquired many testimonials. Word of mouth is why Jerome is one of the business ethics most sought after speakers in North America.

Author – Self Narrated on Audible

Jerome’s best selling book (well… it’s his only book)

Audible Diary of a White Collar Criminal - Self Narrated
Diary of a White Collar Criminal audio book cover is for
Jerome Mayne Author Book Testimonial

Keynote Speaker, motivating crowds for over 20 years

Jerome speaks from experience. His story starts with success in corporate America and ends in federal prison for a white collar fraud conspiracy conviction. Who’da thought you could learn ethics from a felon.

Motivational Conference Keynote Speaker

The Story

Choices and Consequences

… is the story of Jerome’s experience as a regular guy in his mid 20s, with a regular family and working a regular job in finance. He gets approached by a group of sketchy “real estate investors” but proceeded to work with them.

Over the ensuing months, he started to realize that the actions and activities by his new clients were not on the up-and-up. He did not blow the whistle on their seemingly unethical business methods. Instead, he got further involved. He became part of the group with which he would one day be a co-conspirator. Fearing consequences, he cut ties with the “real estate investors” and moved on to legitimate entrepreneurial endeavors.

After 4 years of being ‘in the clear,’ he was indicted and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. For the next year he experienced pre-trial, federal court and received a 21 month federal prison sentence. Life as he knew it changed forever. Leaving his family, including two small children, he reported to the federal prison in Yankton, South Dakota. He met a host of characters; some new friends and some new enemies.

Keynote Presentations of Jerome Mayne

Motivational Keynote Speaker Jerome Mayne’s most requested Keynote Presentation is Choices and Consequences. It is dynamic, emotional and entertaining. Which is why it’s a keynote presentation that your audience will not soon forget.

What Type of Speaker is Jerome Mayne

Jerome is the type of speaker who has cross-over topics. His primary keynote is based on his true life story. The story twists and turns and is on point with traditional types of speaking topics. Therefore, Jerome is considered to be motivational and humorous. His story motivates on serious topic such as ethics and prison but he also captures his audiences by bringing genuine humor to the group.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

In Jerome’s keynote presentation your group will be motivated to make the best ethical business decisions possible. They will hear about the tribulations of the consequences of unethical choices and committing fraud. With a combination of Jerome’s story telling abilities and his entertainment background you will feel the emotional anguish. In addition, you will laugh at the comedy he found in the middle of his nightmare.

Humorous Speaker

Comic relief is imperative when it comes to serious issues. Which is why, Jerome is a serious, yet entertaining keynote speaker on fraud and ethics; topical presentations that endure. He tells his story about the consequences of fraud in corporate America. This includes the lack of ethics that cripple businesses and devastate the individuals and families involved. He’s had the humbling opportunity to speak at business conferences and conventions for hundreds of international businesses organizations and professional associations on the topics of fraud and ethics. And believe it or not, he is considered to be one of the top motivational public speakers on ethics in the country.

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