Something Different

Event planners are often looking for speakers that are ‘something different.’

While word of mouth is still the most popular way to find speakers for events. Not all associates have speakers to refer to their associates to provide their audiences with new, fresh and relevant perspectives.

Speakers Bureaus

Sometimes the best way to find speakers is through a speakers bureau. Bureaus, as they are often called, are companies who have an arsenal of speakers to offer their clients. Their clients are not public speakers, but rather, their clients are organizations who are looking for speakers. The benefit to using a bureau is that they vet the speakers that are in their arsenal.

Speakers Agents

If we were talking about the world of actors and not keynote speakers, the speakers bureaus would be called Speakers Agents. However, unlike an actor’s agent, bureaus don’t always exclusively represent a speaker. Most keynote speakers are not represented exclusively.

A ‘Something Different’ Public Speaker