A ‘Something Different’ Keynote Speaker

Get To Know A Different Speaker This Year

Event planners are often looking for speakers that are — something different.

While word of mouth is still the most popular way to find speakers for events. But when mouths stop talking, words stop coming out of mouths.

All event planners have colleagues and they have worked with plenty of keynote speakers. So when you are looking for a speaker who is “something different”, you could ask your event planner friends. Or you can see if Jerome Mayne, one of the most highly sought out speakers. is something different enough for you.

Get To Know Speaker, Jerome Mayne

Jerome is a speaker who is serious and humorous, has a riveting story and is considered to be one of the top rated keynote in North America. Get to know him in about 3 minutes by watching his motivational keynote speaker video.

What Are the Qualities of a Something Different Public Speaker?

Many say that Jerome Mayne is indeed something different. You decide if his qualities match up with a keynote speaker who is Something Different than you’ve had before.

Jerome’s Qualities

  1. He has a very unique story. As a former white collar criminal and a self taught expert on critical decision making, he has a very unique perspective on making the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy.
  2. He has been to prison! This is one of the consequences of not making the right decisions at the right time. For this, you can imagine, he has a few stories to tell.
  3. He’s been a successful performer for most of his life. This includes: A touring stand-up comedian, a professional musician (had an Elton John tribute band – yes, he was Elton John in the band), and a commercial actor (check YouTube for his famous Home Furniture commercial). Finally, he has been a keynote speaker for over 20 years.

What Makes These Public Speaking Qualities So Important?

Number 3, above, is one of the most important qualities. Having experience as a performer is at least half of what public speaking is all about. A performer must engage with their audience in order to communicate what it is that they are trying to communicate. And a performer, whether it be music or comedy, connecting with their audience means success.

Other Ways To Find Speakers

Speakers Bureaus

Sometimes the best way to find speakers is through a speakers bureau. Bureaus, as they are often called, are companies who have an arsenal of speakers to offer their clients. Their clients are not public speakers, but rather, their clients are organizations who are looking for speakers. The benefit of using a bureau is that they vet the speakers that are in their arsenal.

Understanding Speakers Bureaus

If we were talking about the world of actors and not keynote speakers, the speakers bureaus would be called Speakers Agents. However, unlike an actor’s agent, bureaus don’t always exclusively represent a speaker. Most keynote speakers are not represented exclusively.


Let’s see if Jerome is Different enough for you.

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