Jerome Mayne Keynote Speaker

Jerome Mayne: Not Just Another Keynote Speaker

Jerome Mayne keynote speaker had corporate success that met FBI investigations, and time behind the bars. He’s morphed these experiences into an unbelievable journey of resilience and self-discovery.

C’mon! You know you’ll witness a keynote you won’t find elsewhere.

Jerome Mayne Keynote Speaker

The Jerome Difference

From the world of finance to the somber tones of an FBI investigation, from federal prison to a transformative journey of reflection, Jerome Mayne’s keynote experience is unparalleled.

Serious and Humorous

With an infusion of humor, profound wisdom, and a unique take on ethics, fraud, and life’s choices, Jerome doesn’t just command the stage – he captivates every soul in the audience. He connects with the audience because his keynote is both serious and humorous.

Why Jerome

Uncover why Fortune 500 giants, associations, and audiences across the continent seek out Jerome for a keynote experience they’ll never forget.

“The presentation was outstanding and received the highest marks on the critiques from our attendees.”

Jan Grant – Executive Director, Washington Escrow Association

A Tapestry of Life, Delivered to Your Stage

  1. CEO to Inmate: Jerome’s trajectory from the finance sector to a federal prison term isn’t just a story. It’s a profound lesson on choices, repercussions, and eventual transformation.
  2. Author & Expert: As the brainchild behind Fraudcon, Inc., and having penned “Diary of a White-Collar Criminal”, Jerome infuses depth into his discussions about ethics, fraud, and the domino effect of our choices.
  3. Comedian & Performer: Prior to establishing himself as a powerhouse speaker, Jerome dipped his toes in stand-up comedy, improvisation, acting, and music. These artistic streaks shine through each of his presentations, ensuring his sessions are far from mundane.

Event Planners Choose Jerome‘s Keynotes

Keynote speaker Jerome Mayne emerges as a beacon in the vast sea of speakers. His innate ability to weave life’s lessons, professional wisdom, humor, and raw authenticity guarantees that your event will etch itself in the memories of your attendees. With Jerome as the speaker at your corporate event, your audience doesn’t just hear; they feel, reflect, and undergo transformation.

“Jerome’s presentation was humorous, real, and a bit scary to think that something like this could happen to anyone.”

Kathy Cheney – Minnesota Department of Revenue

The Story

In the thriving financial landscape of the 1990s, Jerome’s promising career at a national lending institution took a drastic turn when he became involved with a dubious client. Sensing trouble, he severed ties, but four years later, the FBI charged him with conspiracy, forever altering his life. Even after enduring indictment, trial, and incarceration, the stigma of his past actions continued to haunt him.

Now, Jerome’s unique journey serves as a powerful lesson in ethics, demonstrating that the line between legality and criminality is fine and perilous. His story offers a timeless warning to professionals all across the business and corporate America.

Unconventional, Unforgettable Keynote Experience?

Allow Jerome’s tales, expertise, and charismatic delivery to raise the bar at your next event. Dive in for a session that transcends conventional keynotes, delivering deep insights, hearty laughter, and takeaways that cause change.

Jerome Mayne public speaker

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