About Public Speaker Jerome Mayne

Public Speaker Jerome Mayne

Jerome Mayne is one of the most interesting public speakers you will ever meet. Aside from being an expert on the consequences of making the right decisions at the right time. What really set’s Jerome apart as a keynote speaker is his inclusion of humor in his keynote presentations. With hundreds of corporate clients across the United States, Mexico and Canada, Jerome’s dynamic keynote presentation will have your audiences laughing and sometimes even crying.

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Mr. Mayne is a gifted speaker who has the ability to weave humor into a serious message about fraud and consequences.

Charles Lestage – Deputy General Council and Chief Compliance Officer, Hercules Offshore, Inc.

Keynote Speaker Jerome Mayne

His keynotes are delivered with wit and passion.  His writings and presentations involve his personal experiences on the serious topics on fraud, ethics and critical decision making.

Since his release from federal prison in 2001 he has devoted his life and career, speaking to groups ranging from professional associations to Fortune 500 companies.  His focus is on behaviors and attitudes, and helping people make the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy.

A Public Speaker Who Can Connect

As a public speaker since 2001, Jerome uses his ability to make personal connections with his audience members.  In addition to a lifetime of experience in the world of fraud, ethics and integrity, he delivers riveting presentations that your group will not soon forget. His presentations include comedy which makes him a highly sought after speaker for conferences and conventions across the nation.

A Speaker Who Is Powerful and Relevant

Event planners are always looking for a powerful and relevant public speaker.  Fraud is and always has been a concern, not just nationally, but globally.  His powerful keynote presentation; his life saving lessons of good and bad choices, keep your group engaged therefore, making your events more successful.

Your business professionals will be inspired to make the best ethical decisions on the spot.  They’ll gain knowledge on how to protect your organization’s bottom line.

Informal Bio

Since graduating from high school, Jerome Mayne – a regular guy, had a kid and got married.  He had another kid, built a real estate investment company and got divorced.  Then, he founded a finance company, toured as a stand-up comedian and went to prison.  While in prison, he taught improv comedy to inmates, got cancer, lived and got out of prison.  After that, he had miracle child, got married again and became an international public speaker.

In that order.

Needless to say, he has a few stories to tell.

Speaking Professionally

Since 2001 Jerome has had the amazing opportunity to speak for hundreds of organizations, in front of over 100,000 people.  These organizations range from Fortune 500 companies to law schools and universities in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Public Speaker’s Qualifications on Ethics

Jerome does not have any scholarly credentials to put after his name.  He did not finish college.  In fact, he didn’t even finish his 21 month prison sentence.  He served 16 1/2 months because he got time off for good behavior.

Criminal Expert’s Unique Perspective

Jerome’s perspective comes from his years as an entrepreneur in corporate America, federal fraud conviction and a prison sentence.

He was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison in 1999 for his involvement in a white collar fraud conspiracy.  The crime actually took place 4 years earlier in 1994.  The charges were: conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.

He reported to the federal prison in Yankton, South Dakota in November of 1999.

Engaging Public Speaker

In 1998 he began touring the Mid-western United States as a stand-up comedian. He still teaches and performs professional improvisation.

While in federal prison, Jerome actually taught improv courses to other inmates. He did this to develop their skills in communication and quick, critical decision making.  These skills are invaluable for inmates coming out of prison. since after years of incarceration.

He’s also been a professional actor, musician and recording artist since birth.

Finance Professional

In his mid-20s Jerome was an aspiring finance professional. His first job in the corporate world was with a national mortgage banking corporation. He grew as an entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder until he finally reached the top position of president and CEO of the companies that he founded.

His stay on the top ended in a hurricane of FBI investigations, indictments, criminal court appearances and finally, prison. Later he was charged with mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering that stemmed from his involvement 4 years earlier at his first job in finance. He received a 21 month prison sentence and his life was changed forever.

Public Speaker Released from Prison

Since his release from prison Jerome shares his story and experience.  He now helps students and business professionals make the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy.

Frank Abagnale Type of Public Speaker

He is not the former felon, convict and public speaker Frank Abagnale (from the movie ‘Catch Me if you Can’).  But he is less expensive than Frank Abgnale.

Quote from Public Speaker Jerome Mayne

“I work with organizations who want their people to make the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy. I address the “slippery slope”, the consequences of fraud and the importance of ethics. Ultimately, I help business professionals stay out of prison.

I don’t deal with the mechanics of preventing fraud. The focus on the attitudes of corporate professionals and their ethical choices.  Inspiring and motivating business men and women to be better at what they do is what my keynotes are all about.  After all, companies don’t go to prison, people do – and I speak from first hand experience.

One of my presentations is titled Choices & Consequences. It includes my real life story as a former white collar criminal. I came to terms with the simple fact that I was an entrepreneur who crossed the line. My story explodes into a nightmare of FBI investigations, federal court and finally prison. This presentation will eliminate the “gray areas” that exist in today’s, business-as-usual, corporate culture. This presentation is a real life lesson in corporate ethics.

I am serious because I deliver a powerful keynote presentation on serious issues. And I make the information easy to digest because it is presented in a humorous fashion. My presentations on fraud and ethics and professional development workshops qualify for continuing education credit in most industries. In addition, my keynotes can provide professional designation credit.

Oftentimes when professionals think of ethics or fraud presentations including many training classes, they think and, “Boring public speaker.” Not with me and not with my presentations and workshops. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss your next event.”