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Jerome delivers his featured keynote presentation, Choices & Consequences at conferences and conventions across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  His keynote presentation is humorous and serious, and deals with fraud and ethics and is applicable in all areas of corporate America. He encountered real con men in Corporate America.

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Humorous Keynote Speaker

Prison Humor — Is Bubba for Real

Jerome knows about the myths surrounding the big guy named Bubba in prison. It’s humorous — actually funny when other performers; stand-up comedians as well as keynote speakers, make ‘forced’ jokes about ‘Bubba’. Their jokes are forced because thy don’t have any actual knowledge. Jerome has first hand knowledge which is why his perspective is on point and more relevant. Find out what Jerome knows about this big guy named Bubba.

Witty Keynotes With Passion

Jerome’s keynotes are delivered with wit and passion. Heavily peppered with humor, Jerome makes the serious topics of fraud, ethics and prison easy to digest. He often referred to as the ‘seriously humorous’ keynote speaker.

How Do You Find Serious and Humorous Keynote Presentations

Jerome delivers his featured presentation, Choices & Consequences at conferences. This includes conventions and events across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Most importantly, his presentation deals with fraud and ethics and is applicable in all areas of corporate America. More serious and humorous keynote presentations can be found on YouTube.

Choices and Consequences Keynote Videos

The serious and humorous keynote speaker, Jerome Mayne can look back and clearly see the choices that were made that caused the consequences. His choices changed his entire life. An average guy in an average profession, just like many attendees at the conferences and conventions at which he speaks, Jerome made decisions that didn’t seem so bad at the time.

After his keynotes, his audiences walk away with real life lessons in ethics, which is why his presentations are relevant to all business professionals. Below are videos, samples of his keynote presentations and his story.

Fraud Ethics and Humor

Top Rated Keynote Presentation

Jerome’s primary keynote presentation is the story of his involvement in a white collar conspiracy. Relevant to all business professions who are serious about making good ethical decisions, and staying out of prison.

However, his keynote, Choices and Consequences, deals with fraud and ethics which are relevant topics in all businesses in Corporate America today.

Consequences of making the wrong decisions at the wrong times are vitally important because Jerome’s story revolves around his family and friends. He also deals with how they had to cope with the embarrassment and shame of being connected with someone who committed a crime. Conspiracy to commit mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering are crimes that we are all vulnerable to, regardless of the profession.

That Gut Feeling and Red Flags

Ethics scholars and academic professors talk about ethics and the ‘Gut Feeling’. It’s more than that. It’s instinct and the idea behind that is, “Rarely does your instinct tell you to do the wrong thing first.”

Jerome talks about the signs he saw and the ethical red flags he should have seen. Watch as Jerome delivers the ‘observations’gut feeling’: the instinct he didn’t follow. And how this led to his involvement with his, ‘would-be’ white collar crime co-conspirators.

Jerome’s keynote presentation is rooted in Clarity, Choices and Consequences and how these ideas revolve around family and friends. He speaks about the consequences that impacted family as they had to cope with the embarrassment and shame of being connected with someone who committed a crime. Such as conspiracy to commit mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.

A Story About How Prison Will Change Your Life

Jerome’s keynote presentation he tells of how prison changed his life. But it wasn’t just the time behind bars. The consequences begin as soon as the arrest happens. The consequences ramp up when the story comes out in the newspapers.

Jerome tells of the signs he saw or should have seen. In this video Jerome delivers the observations of the ‘highly questionable’ behaviors of his future white collar crime co-conspirators.

Part of this story revolves around how prison will change the life of any business professional making poor ethical decisions.

His family, friends and kids also have to cope with the embarrassment and shame of being connected with someone who committed a crime. This includes, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.

Saying Goodbye To Mom and Kids

Ten months of pretrial and getting ready to leave it all behind. Slowly loosing touch with family and friends. In Jerome’s keynote presentation, he tells the story of how more consequences came to those around him that he loved and how he said goodbye to his Mom and his kids.

Packing up personal belongings, not to bring with you, but to store them… somewhere?  As the days of freedom wind down, you become judicious about things like toiletries. Why buy a new bottle of shampoo with only 10 days away from reporting to prison?  It’s amazing how trivial little things become so important. Or, perhaps it’s just a way to distract yourself from the impending doom of your first day in prison.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You do the crime. You do the time.” That’s not how it works. Jerome tells the audience, “You do the crime. Everyone else you love — they do the time as well. Jerome shares the consequences his mom and his kids had to suffer. Did his mother do the crime? No she did not, but the shame and embarrassment she had to endure is heart breaking. His kids didn’t do the crime either but they had to do the ‘time’ as well. Their consequences included the loss of their father for almost 2 years. While Jerome is a humorous motivational speaker these issues are serious. Most audiences find his story highly emotional.

Keynote Speaker on Title Insurance Fraud

No one would commit title insurance fraud for $100. There are red flags for title insurance and mortgage fraud that can be easy to spot. Jerome Mayne has spoken to hundreds of corporate professionals. Common industries include real estate finance, title insurance, mortgage bankers and brokers. Association events of real estate appraisers and inspectors find him in high demand.

Keynote Speaker and Epic Storyteller

Jerome Mayne is an epic story teller. His dynamic, motivational and inspirational keynotes are delivered with wit and passion. As a former standup comedian his serious topics are funny and delivered with ton’s of comic relief. His keynote presentations include topics on ethical consequences, prison, crime, business, finance, fraud and corporate scandals.

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Jerome is a highly sought after speaker for conferences, conventions and most other events in North America.

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