Shame of Family Members

Family and Friends of a Criminal

There is considerable shame and humiliation that a family member must endure when one of them is a convicted felon.

Who does the crime?

“You do the crime, you do the time” is a phrase often heard on the street.  The truth is it’s not just you who does the crime. Your family and everyone else you love has to go through the same thing; FBI investigations, the arrest, federal court and also federal prison. This is the shame endured by family and friends of a criminal.

A Family’s Shame and Humiliation

The shame on the family and friends, of a criminal is real. It’s all over the newspapers. It’s talked about at the bakery in the morning when ‘Mom’ goes in to have a coffee and a doughnut. They read about it and hear about it all over the place.

Should we feel sorry for the criminal? No. But we see the felon’s friends and family around town.  The town’s folk either turn away or completely shun the mother or father of the new ‘alleged’ criminal. But they were the good family that has lived down the street for years.

Should we feel sorry for the family? Unless the mom and dad were the kingpins of the white collar conspiracy, the answer is no. The family didn’t commit fraud.  They didn’t even raise their son or daughter wrong.  But now they have to explain to everyone what happened; how their son or daughter was involved in conspiracy to commit mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.  And now, their kid is going to federal prison for committing these crimes.  That’s the humiliation and shame for family and friends of a criminal.

The Story From The Criminal

The son does the crime. The son does the crime! That’s what you would think.

The keynote speaker, felon and criminal, Jerome Mayne did the crime. And yes, he did the time. But everyone around him, everyone he loved also did the time. The humiliation is still being felt by his family, and still continues to this day (this writing was done in August 2023).

In Jerome’s heart wrenching keynote, he addresses the shame that his family members experienced. The crime happened in 1994. He was indicted in 1998. Served almost 2 years in prison and was released in 2001.

Keynote on Fraud and Ethics

This felon, Jerome Mayne delivers his featured presentation, Choices and Consequences, at conferences and conventions across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  He was recruited by a group of con men operating in the business and corporate finance industry. His keynote presentation deals with fraud and ethics and is applicable in all areas of corporate America.

Humiliation of Family and Friends

This keynote presentation primarily deals with fraud and ethics. And the story includes experiences by his family and friends. The take-away are not just the consequences the felon went through. This master story-teller helps his audiences feel the shame and humiliation suffered by his family and friends, and how they had to cope with the embarrassment of being connected with someone who turned out to be a criminal. The crime, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering is nothing a family can be proud of.

Emotional Keynote For Conference

Since his story is gripping and emotional, the keynote presentation is perfect for any conference or convention. Jerome delivers his keynote presentation with wit and passion, it works for convention General Sessions even when the conference does not have fraud or ethics as a theme.  Much like a coach, political figure or mountain climber might get booked as the general session keynote at an annual conference or convention, Choices and Consequences is a gripping story that will keep your audience or group on the edge of their seats. Other noteworthy crimes, some of the biggest of our time include Bernie Madoff and Worldcom.

Felon and Author

Jerome’s story is told in his book, Diary of a White Collar Criminal. It was written as a diary and includes with and passion. You may laugh and you may cry, but the message is clear. You will also feel the shame of family members.

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