Bubba in Prison

Bubba In Prison For Real?

Everyone has herd someone tell a joke about Bubba in Prison but it’s not as funny coming from a person who actually knows about it.

Prison Bubba: Is this guy for real?

In Jerome Mayne’s primary keynote presentation on fraud, ethics choices and consequences, he adds humor by clearing up the myth of whether or not there really is a big guy named Bubba in prison. This is because so many people misunderstand.

Jerome Mayne clears up the myth. Is there REALLY a big guy named Bubba?

Humorous Keynote Speaker Video

Bubba in Prison with Comic Relief

With wit, passion and comic relief, Jerome delivers his feature presentation, Choices & Consequences at conferences and conventions.  In the real estate finance industry, he was recruited by a group of con men and his horrible journey starts there. His keynote presentation deals with fraud and ethics and is applicable in all areas of corporate America.

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Have you ever been in prison?

Funny Keynote Speaker Jokes About Prison

Many conferences, conventions and events look for funny speakers. Which is why Jerome’s top rated keynote presentation titled, Choices and Consequences is in high demand. He falls under the category of being an ethics speaker yet, he brings a lot of comic relief. There have been audiences who may find it distasteful for a speaker, on ethics no less, to make jokes about prison. However, he gives the audience permissions to laugh. The obvious industries for an ethics presentation with humor are real estate and mortgage, which includes appraisers, title insurance companies, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers as well as professionals in the banking industry.

Serious and Humorous Presentation

Jerome’s serious and humorous keynote presentation primarily deals with fraud and ethics, and the story revolves around his family and friends. It can be emotional since he tells of his felonious journey and how the loved ones around him had to deal with the embarrassment and shame of being connected with someone who committed a crime and went to prison. By bringing comic relief, telling jokes about Bubba in prison, he gives the audience permission to laugh. Even during a presentation about conspiracy to commit mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.

Gripping and Emotional

Since his story is gripping and emotional, Jerome is perfect for most events. He delivers his keynote presentation with wit and passion. Humor, not jokes, about prison has been popular for general sessions, even when the conference does not have fraud or ethics as a theme.  Whatever the theme, a gripping story that brings the audience through a broad range of emotions will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

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