Red Flags Committing Fraud

Red Flags for Committing Fraud

Jerome Mayne’s primary keynote presentation deals with red flags for committing fraud. While there can be signs, it’s not always black and white. The red flags are only part of the equation. The human element; ethical behaviors of the employees may need more attention.

Red Flags: How to Detect Fraud

This part of Jerome Mayne’s Choices and Consequences presentation deals with the impact and effectiveness of red flag checklists. Jerome talks about his own ethical behaviors and what can now be seen in hindsight. Actions of the con men who recruited him as well as how his own actions ultimately constituted fraud and therefore, criminal activity. The end result was a 21 month federal prison sentence for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud and money laundering.

Watching for red flags when trying to prevent fraud is not as easy and effective as some corporations and business professionals might think.

Preventing Mortgage, Real Estate and Title Insurance Fraud

Of course there are some obvious signs, but contrary to popular belief, trying to predict fraudulent behavior is typically highly ineffective.  Research shows that examining and trying to predict fraudulent decisions that a potential employee in the finance or more specifically, the mortgage and real estate business industries is nearly impossible.

Examining fraudulent actions by business professionals in the real estate and mortgage finance business may be effective with a checklist.  In fact having a checklist for preliminary verification of fraudulent documents in the mortgage, real estate and title fraud  is highly encouraged.  Millions of dollars are saved each year by business professionals and corporations weeding out fraudulent transactions.

The Primary Keynote Presentation

Jerome delivers his top rated keynote presentation titled Choices & Consequences at conferences and conventions across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  It qualifies for a real life lesson on ethics and is delivered in an entertaining fashion. The real estate finance industry, specifically the mortgage industry is where he was recruited by a group of con men operating in these industries. His keynote presentation deals with fraud and ethics and is applicable in all areas of corporate America.

This keynote presentation primarily deals with fraud and ethics. However, the story also revolves around his family and friends and how they had to cope with the embarrassment and shame of being connected with someone who committed a crime. Specifically: conspiracy to commit mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering. The obvious industries are real estate and mortgage, which encompasses appraisers, title insurance companies, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers as well as professionals in the banking industry.

When is Jerome’s Keynote on Fraud and Ethics Most Effective

Since his story is gripping and emotional, the keynote presentation is perfect for any conference or convention. Jerome delivers his keynote presentation with wit and passion, it works for convention General Sessions even when the conference does not have fraud or ethics as a theme.  Much like a coach, political figure or mountain climber might get booked as the general session keynote at an annual conference or convention, Choices and Consequences is a gripping story that will keep your audience or group on the edge of their seats.

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