Articles on Fraud and Ethics

Articles on Fraud

Jerome has authored dozens of articles on fraud of all kinds. Industries vary, but fraud is fraud – no matter how you slice it.

As a keynote speaker he speaks at conferences and conventions often under the topics of ethics. To get ahold of him check the bottom of the page.

Educational and Humorous

These articles about fraud are both educational and funny. They have been published by organizations such as the Business Journal, California CPA Magazine, Mortgage Press, Niche Report and the Scotsman Guide as well as other corporate fraud web sites and blogs that deal with fraud, criminals, conspiracy and prison.

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articles about fraud and corporate ethicsArticles On Fraud, Con men and Ethics


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Referring to ethics as a general academic specialty, Jerome does not use powerpoint slides, check lists or tests. Rather he tells a story. Much of his story and experiences in FBI investigations, federal court and prison have contributed to the insights from which these articles are written.

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