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White Collar Crime Author Jerome Mayne

Diary of a White Collar Criminal

Jerome Mayne is a white collar crime author. He has written the epic story of a regular guy who gets caught up in a white collar crime conspiracy. By making a series of bad decisions in the corporate world of real estate and mortgage finance, Jerome finds himself taking a tail-spin. His world begins to fall apart with FBI investigations, federal court and finally his first day in prison.

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Publishers Summary Diary of a White Collar Criminal

In this intimate diary, Jerome Mayne, now a white collar crime author, shares his life saving lessons of white collar crime, ethics, morality, trust and humility, with wit and passion.

In his 20’s, Jerome was an aspiring finance professional on his way to the top.  With his new family and his sights set for success, the world was his oyster.  Lured by the prospect of big business, his career derailed when he joined forces with his future co-conspirators in a real estate and mortgage fraud scandal. It was indeed white collar crime.

The nightmare begins with a hurricane of FBI investigations, criminal court and prison.  Then, his journey twists and turns through the psychological collapse of prison, cancer and addiction.  Through it all, one woman’s undying devotion helps him climb back from defeat and self-pity, to a new life of integrity, trust and self confidence.

This book is a real lesson in corporate ethics and a story of overcoming adversity with self persistence, and finally the love and devotion of others.

Comedy and Tragedy

This book is a classic American tragedy: Self-made man becomes a captain of industry through hard work and risk-taking. Once an employee of a mega bank. He then, becomes an employer and enjoys watching others raise their standards of living because of his success. He’s got all the trappings of “making it”, money, cars, a big house, a family. And then, the past comes back. Suddenly, the hero is a pariah. Finally, he loses everything; family, status, friends, the trappings of wealth, and even his health.

Tranquility and redemption comes in the form of a soulmate – she seems too good to be true.

About the Author

Jerome Mayne is not just a white collar crime author, he is also a successful Improv and Standup Comedian. Which means he brings his razor sharp comic skills to lay bare the emotional rollercoaster ride. In other words, he finds humor in the middle of a nightmare. First, it started, when his cell phone rang and the caller said, “This is the FBI, we will be taking you into custody today.”  Second, he was asked the question, “How do you plead guilty to the charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.”

Mayne’s diary effectively connects by making the readers feel like they are along for his ride and, even feel the despair when he doubted his relationship would last during his stay in federal prison.

Click here for an excerpt in the chapter titled: My First Day in Prison. Also see more of Jerome’s articles about fraud and ethics.

Books Written About White Collar Crime and Prison

Many books are written on white collar crime and prison. However, this book is a true story. As the title says, it is a diary.

For most of his adult life, prior to being convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and money laundering, Jerome has kept a journal. While he was serving his 21 month federal prison sentence, he was unable to keep a journal or diary of any kind. Which is why, he wrote letters to a woman who would eventually become his wife. The diary and journal prior to being incarcerated, as well as the letters that he wrote to his lady-friend, became the content for this book.

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