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Since 2001 Jerome Mayne, an author, former felon and international keynote CPE speaker, has been presenting on the topics of fraud and ethics.

He shares his experience of getting caught up in a white collar conspiracy. His journey ends with a 21 month federal prison sentence. His riveting story is delivered with wit and passion.


“Your talk was very entertaining at this year’s Arkansas State Bar Association’s Annual Conference. I could tell you really connected with the crowd. You may use me as a positive reference any time you wish.”

Randall S. Bueter, Esq. – Real Estate Section Chair, Arkansas State Bar Association




How to find a speaker for your CPA Conference

We know it’s difficult to find a professional keynote speakers for your CPA conferences. Ultimately, you want speakers that are:

  • experienced
  • unique
  • riveting
  • humorous
  • intelligent
  • relevant
  • not boring

And wouldn’t it be great if you could find one that also has keynotes and workshops that qualify for continuing education credit?


Bubba? In Prison? Relevant to CPAs and Accountants




Presentations on Fraud and Ethics


Fraud and Consequences — life saving lessons from a felon

This is a keynote presentation or workshop. Quite unlike the high-profile fraud cases that get national media attention, Jerome was, and is, a regular guy. An average employee, without a scheme or devious plan, he gets involved with a few unsavory investor clients. His ‘unwitting involvement’ becomes intentional as the months go by. For fear of losing his job, he quits and sets off on his own. Four years later, he ends up in federal criminal court. (1 to 3 hrs)


All That Ethical Jazz — a ‘make-it-up-as-you-go’ ethics workshop

Jerome leads this interactive ethics workshop that was designed using the principles of improvisation. Your group will learn ‘hands-on’ real world skills that will help them make the best decisions, on the spot. And because this workshop includes interactive, group exercises, your professionals will have a great time. (1 to 4 hrs)





Ethics from a Prison Story

Jerome has a unique perspective on fraud and ethics.

Rarely are the words ‘felon and prison’ used to describe a positive ethical experience.

He started his career as a legal assistant. He moved ahead and pursued a career as a real estate finance professional for two of the largest mortgage banking institutions in the United States. Gaining the experience he needed, he set off on his own. He started both a real estate and a mortgage company.

A few years into his new ventures, he received a call from the FBI, and was indicted for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. These charges stemmed from activities that took place 4 years earlier — when he first started his career in the finance industry.