Critical Decision Making


critical decision making, workshop, professional developmentRegardless of whether you are dealing with a co-worker, employee, boss, manager, client or someone on your team; on the spot, quick and critical decision making is vital to all areas of all jobs.

How can I learn to make critical decisions on the spot?

You will take from this workshop, new self confidence skills which will help you make quick decisions; the best decisions on the spot.  This, as well as most of Jerome’s other professional development workshops include design elements from the principles of improvisation.  And since these are interactive workshops using the principles of improv, they are hands-on and fun.

Professional Development Skills You Can Expect To Learn

  • Decoding physical, emotional and behavioral responses
  • Discover your creative choices
  • Building the impromptu team
  • How to build the confidence of people around you
  • How to organize chaos
  • Why you want to be unprepared for the meeting

Why is critical decision making so important in the workplace?

We need to make quick decisions in our fast paced work environment. Our confidence needs to be strong. It is only when we know that we will make the right decisions that our choices will be the best for our business. Consider the alternative: you need to decide which client or vendor will best serve your company. Bids are submitted and deadlines are approaching. You need to make a decision by the end of the day. However, this is not the only thing on your plate for the week. There are pros and cons for going with both vendors. You weigh them out but you can’t decide. Here is a situation where you need to make a choice; any choice. The best decision will come when you have the self confidence that the vendor you choose to do business with will be the best decision you can make.