Public Speaking Definitions

Public Speaking DefinitionsDefinitions of public speakers and keynote speakers.

For those new public speakers, public speaking definitions can be confusing. Understanding the difference between the various terms is important. Below you’ll find some of these speaking terms.

Public Speakers Definitions for Workshops on Professional Development

As a motivational speaker, terms are used; public speaker terms that may need clarification.  For easy reference, I have included the definitions of what a keynote speech or presentation is, corporate workshops, and even some definitions that pertain to the different types of public speakers, and or corporate trainings that are part of the public speaking industry.

Motivational Speaker

For me, Motivational Speaker was a difficult title to give myself.  Whenever I heard that term, Motivational Speaker, I couldn’t help but think of the line spoken by Chris Farley’s character, Matt Foley, from Saturday Night Live – “My name is Matt Foley and I am a motivational speaker.  And I live in a van down by the river.”

About Public Speaker Jerome Mayne

Between 2001 and 2002, when I started in the speaking business as a professional keynote speaker, I had my topic narrowed down to simply “fraud.”  I thought that my experience as a co-conspirator in a white collar fraud conspiracy was really all I had to offer.  I did indeed know about fraud.  In fact, while I served my 21 month prison sentence in federal prison, I thought about fraud a lot.

As it turned out, my stories and experiences motivated and inspired my audiences to be better people and employees of the companies and corporations they worked for.  They came to believe that if I could overcome the challenges, obstacles and adversity that I’d faced in my life, so could they.  Perhaps more specifically, this is inspirational in that it encourages the audience of a conference or convention, that by hearing my life experiences; to overcome obstacles and adversity was indeed inspirational as well as motivational.  But ultimately an inspirational, or motivational speaker, inspires the audience to be motivated into action and compelled to do better, and be better at what they do in their professional and personal lives.

I was eventually contacted by a Speakers Bureau where they helped find me, yes ME, Jerome Mayne, speaking engagements.

Workshops and Professional Development

Professional development refers to business professionals who are looking to better themselves.  Often times it is for the purpose of building their skills for leadership communication.  This can be taught using the rules of improv.  Jerome Mayne has performed and taught improv classes for not only business professionals, but for large companies, including fortune 500 businesses.

Public Speaking Definitions of Workshops

A workshop is often defined as either a breakout session at a conference or convention or simply a group session for large and or small businesses, companies or corporations.  Often times a workshop facilitator, or instructor, started out giving or teaching workshops then advances to giving full keynote presentations.

Keynote Speech or Keynote Presentation

The terms Keynote Speech, Keynote Address or Keynote Presentation are sometimes used interchangeably.  A keynote speaker would deliver a ‘keynote’.  This is a presentation that is typically given are general sessions at conferences or conventions of large company events or professional associations.  When associations or corporations hire a keynote speaker for one of their conferences or annual company events, the keynote is usually delivered by a more popular speaker or one who has national or international presence; or a reputation.  The keynote presentation, by the public speaker who gets booked for the corporate event delivers his or her presentation in front of all the attendees who have come to the annual or major event of the professional association or corporate event. Find out more about me — Top Rated Keynote Speaker, Jerome Mayne

Public Speaking Definitions of Speakers Bureaus

A Speakers Bureau and an Actor’s Agent are similar.

If you were an actor, you might have an Agent. This agent would be looking for work, for you. They spend their days cultivating relationships with television and movie producers so they can put your name out there to them and get you auditions. Sometimes they get a commission: a percentage of the money you make as an actor for the gig or engagement.

A Speakers Bureau is very similar. However, most public speakers aren’t represented by just one person at a Speakers Bureau company. But similarly, they spend much of their days cultivating their relationships with event planners and generally companies and organizations who are in need of motivational or public speakers. When one of these event planners are looking for a keynote speaker for their event, the bureau will submit the speaker’s name. When the speaker gets hired, the bureau get’s a commission.

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