Dynamic Keynote Presentations

Dynamic Keynote Presentations

Jerome Mayne specializes in humorous, funny, entertaining and dynamic keynote presentations. Referred to as the ‘entertaining speaker on fraud and ethics’ he is somewhat of an anomaly.  However, not unlike a mountain climber or a successful football coach, he has stories of success – failure – success.

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Choices and Consequences

Would you stand up for what you believe is right or would you choose to keep your job and risk going to prison? Could your family; your kids overcome the shame and embarrassment of your criminal conviction? These seemingly impossible challenges have answers in this keynote speaker presentation on fraud. Which is why Jerome has a keynote presentation on how to survive the challenges of life while finding humor in the middle of these challenges.

Survive Life and Laugh Yourself to Death

Loosing a job, a death in the family, a sudden change in financial stability, a life threatening illness; this is life. We all have problems. How we deal with problems define our character.  Adversity, obstacles and challenges will shut us down and change who we are forever. If we let them. Jerome Mayne will tell you his story; how he, an average person overcame adversity and found humor in the middle of nightmare: cancerwhile of serving almost 21 months in federal prison.

Entertaining Keynote Presentations

Dynamic keynote presentations on adversity and overcoming obstacles are inspirational in nature and if these stories are told by a keynote speaker that is actually entertaining, their message will leave your audience with a sense good feeling. If at the same time, your audience leaves the general session with a sense of well being and a new outlook on life, you, as the event planner can chalk off another successful speaker booking.

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