Ethics and Integrity Keynote Speaker

Speaker on Ethics and Integrity

One of the top rated keynote speakers will help you make your event a success. Riveting, relevant and humorous, speaker Jerome Mayne, will engage your audience like no other speaker has.

As a master storyteller, Jerome shares his riveting journey that starts with working the gray area and ends with him in federal prison. This video will show you a brief lesson on how your business professionals can create an ethical work environment. This behavior shows how critical it is for each employee to be the Champion of Integrity.

Be the Champion of Integrity

Ethics and integrity is a critical role in professional environments, specifically how it plays out in real-life scenarios. Jerome presents thought-provoking situations that spark discussions about ethical standards. Specifically, the importance of individual courage in the face of collective silence.

Champion of Integrity Keynote Speaker

You brought home the reality of turning a blind eye to unethical business practices.

Michelle Heine – Excel Title Insurance Company

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