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Title Insurance Speaker Video for Ethics

As a leading Title Insurance Speaker, Jerome Mayne brings a unique blend of humor, real-world experience, and ethical insights to the stage. His keynotes are not just talks; they’re transformative experiences that delve into the heart of ethics for the real estate and title insurance industry.

Your personal stories and your message captured and entertained the audiences at two of our biggest corporate events of the year.

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Experience and Journey

In his role as a Title Insurance Speaker, Jerome shares his personal journey from corporate America to federal prison. One gripping story involves a seemingly innocent $100 bill that led him to question the ethical boundaries of his profession. This real-life example serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who is a member of one of the Land Title Insurance Associations.

Choices and Consequences

Jerome’s most requested keynote focuses on “Choices and Consequences.” As a seasoned Title Insurance Speaker, he delves into the ethical dilemmas that professionals often face, using his own experiences as case studies. His presentations are not just theoretical; they’re grounded in the realities of the industry.

Title Insurance Video on Fraud

Fraud is a pervasive issue in the title insurance sector. As a Title Insurance Speaker, Jerome highlights the red flags to look out for, using real-life examples like the $100 bill story. His insights equip professionals to navigate the murky waters of ethics and fraud, making him a sought-after speaker for conferences and workshops.

Watch this Title Insurance Video on Fraud to see

Ethics Continuing Education

Elevate your ethics continuing education with a Title Insurance Speaker who brings practical, real-world examples to the table. Jerome’s keynotes often qualify for ethics continuing education credits, adding value to your professional development.

Finding the Right Speaker

When searching for a Title Insurance Speaker, it’s imperative to consider Jerome Mayne. He not only educates but also engages and entertains, making him the ideal choice for your next conference, seminar, or workshop.

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Additional Insights and Benefits

There is more about Jerome Mayne; his story and background, Continuing Education benefits, other fraud red flags and considerations for finding speakers for your title insurance event.

Title Insurance Speaker Background

Since 2001 Jerome Mayne, an author, former felon is considered a top title insurance speaker. He has delivered dozens of keynote presentations for conferences in all of the affiliated title insurance in the real estate finance profession.

  • Title Insurance — this includes closers, escrow officers, attorneys and title insurance underwriters
  • Mortgage — this includes loan officers, mortgage underwriters, mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, commercial brokers and correspondent lenders
  • Real Estate — this includes real estate agents, real estate brokers, commercial Realtors and real estate listing companies
  • Legal — including lawyers, real estate attorneys, closing attorneys and title insurance lawyers
  • Appraisal — including appraisers, review appraisers, home value experts and home inspectors

Title Insurance Keynote Speakers With a Story

Jerome shares his experience of getting caught up in a white collar conspiracy involving ethics in the title insurance. All real estate transactions include title examinations, which was one of the key elements of the money laundering charges. All elements of the real estate transactions led to the white collar crime indictment.

Along the way he was involved in approximately 6 real estate transactions. His journey ends with a 21 month federal prison sentence. His riveting story is delivered with wit and passion.

Red Flags on Other Types of Fraud

During Jerome’s title insurance industry fraud keynote presentation, Choices and Consequences, the conference attendees will find out about the transaction where he received a payoff. Or was it? Was it a ‘tip’ for the bartender or was it a payoff? This video demonstrates justifying unethical behaviors – for $100. Were there red flags?

Ethics Presentations For Title Insurance Events

Choices and Consequences — life saving lessons from a felon

This can be a keynote presentation or workshop. Quite unlike the high-profile fraud cases that get national media attention, Jerome was, and is a regular guy. An average employee, without a scheme or devious plan, he gets involved with a few unsavory investor clients. His ‘unwitting involvement’ becomes intentional as the months go by. For fear of losing his job, he quits and sets off on his own. Four years later, he ends up in federal criminal court. (1 to 2 hrs)

Title Insurance and Ethics Continuing Education Credit

Jerome has delivered keynote speaking presentations for dozens of past title insurance clients. And, for most of these events, his keynote has qualified for ethics continuing education credit. This means, if he is booked as a keynote speaker at a title insurance conference, there is a bonus — the conference or convention attendees can obtain one or several ethics continuing education credits. Which is sometimes one of the biggest reasons he is hired to speak conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops.

Title Insurance Fraud

Title insurance fraud has been and still is a huge problem. Which is why financial losses are at an all time high and title insurance companies air paying the price. This is because real estate scams are getting trickier. Education about fraud in the real estate and title industry is paramount if you are in this profession. Many industry professionals attend conferences where they have specialized keynotes with educational presentations.

How to find a Title Insurance Speaker for Your Conference

We know it’s difficult to find a professional keynote speakers for your title insurance conferences. Ultimately, you want speakers that are:

  • experienced
  • unique
  • riveting
  • humorous
  • intelligent
  • relevant
  • not boring

And wouldn’t it be great if you could find one that also has keynotes and workshops that qualify for continuing education credit?

Ethics from a Prison Story

Jerome has a unique perspective on fraud and ethics. Rarely are the words ‘felon and prison’ used to describe a positive ethical experience.

He started his career as a legal assistant. He moved ahead and pursued a career as a real estate finance professional for two of the largest mortgage banking institutions in the United States. Gaining the experience he needed, he set off on his own. He started both a real estate and a mortgage company.

A few years into his new ventures, he received a call from the FBI, and was indicted for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. These charges stemmed from activities that took place 4 years earlier — when he first started his career in the finance industry.

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