Motivational Ethics Speaker

Motivational Ethics Keynote Speaker

Former white collar criminal, Jerome Mayne is a motivational ethics speaker. He delivers the ultimate true life lesson in ethics in his primary keynote presentation titled, Choices and Consequences. He motivates your group with his stories about choices he made and the consequences that followed.

Corporate Event Keynote Speaker

Historically, ethics presentations are boring. Not with Jerome, and not with his presentations.

We know you deserve an entertaining motivational keynote speaker who can ‘hold’ and capture the audience at your conference. Your speaker needs to have a dynamic presentation style and a riveting story with a solid message,  specially on the topic of ethics.

Jerome gives you all of these.

Serious and Entertaining

motivational ethics speaker

Jerome Mayne is a performer at heart. He is a former, touring stand-up comedian, an improv performer and a stage actor. You can count on a riveting and entertaining keynote presentation that your group will not soon forget.

As an event planner, of course you know you need a speaker who will connect with your client’s audience on a personal level. Jerome knows this too. He has the clients, the experience and the track record to prove it.

Choices and Consequences

Would you stand up for what you believe is right or would you choose to keep your job and risk going to prison?  Could your family; your kids overcome the shame and embarrassment of a criminal conviction?  These seemingly impossible questions have answers.

With this ethics keynote presentation, Jerome brings you along on his emotional journey.  You’ll hear the story from beginning to end; how a regular guy made simple decisions that started him down the road that eventually led to prison.

Your group will relate his story to parallels they see in their professional careers. This will reinforce the good decisions they already make.  They’ll be able to identify their vulnerabilities and learn how to make the right decisions in tough situations, and stay out of prison.

This keynote presentation is a riveting and entertaining story. Intentional or not your group will get a lesson on ethics and fraud in the workplace.

Survive Life and Laugh Yourself to Death

Life is hard.

We all have problems. Some of us think that our problems are worse than the next person’s. So, we think that since our problems are worse, we are justified in making excuses as to why we just can’t get past them. And so we don’t.

In the year 2000, Jerome had a ‘double whammy.’  With only 5 months remaining in his 21 month federal prison sentence, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. These two major life events (prison and cancer) made him want to shut down, and hide in self pity. This lapse in self confidence only lasted for a brief period of time. With the support of loved ones and a powerful will to move forward and survive, he actually found the humor in it all.

Our problems, large or small, are not figments of our imaginations. However, when we justify why any obstacle is just too hard to move past, we will shut down. And sometimes, ‘accepting your fate’ is the real killer.

How can you find the comedy in a nightmare?

In this keynote presentation, Jerome shares with you his story of anguish. You will feel the pain but will walk away with the keys; the secrets on how to live life to its fullest. He’ll show you how to survive life.  And if anything kills you it’ll be your own laughter.

Understanding Ethical Dilemmas

Dive into the engaging narratives of a Motivational Ethics Speaker who brings a unique blend of humor and real-life experiences to the stage. Jerome Mayne’s journey from a white-collar professional to confronting the repercussions of unethical choices unfolds a compelling narrative. His humorous anecdotes intertwined with life-altering decisions resonate with professionals, evoking a profound understanding of ethics in the corporate world. Jerome’s storytelling prowess not only educates but entertains, making every presentation a memorable experience.

A Touch of Humor in Ethics

The realm of ethics, often seen as somber, takes a lively turn as Jerome, a Motivational Ethics Speaker, infuses humor into the serious discussions around fraud and ethical dilemmas. His background as a stand-up comedian shines through, making the heavy topic of ethics light, relatable, and engaging. The ability to laugh while reflecting on serious issues is Jerome’s forte, which sets him apart as a funny and insightful ethics speaker. His presentations are not just lectures, but captivating performances that leave audiences both enlightened and entertained.

Inspiring Ethical Reflections

Jerome Mayne, as a Motivational Ethics Speaker, captivates audiences with his genuine, humorous, and insightful reflections on ethics. His presentations are more than just talks; they are thought-provoking performances that encourage professionals to evaluate their ethical stance in a light-hearted yet meaningful manner. Through humor and real-life stories, Jerome provides a mirror to the audience, allowing them to see the implications of ethical and unethical choices in a new light. His humorous approach to serious matters makes him a sought-after speaker for those looking to inspire a culture of integrity in a refreshing manner.

Looking for a Funny Motivational Ethics Speaker

Fraud, ethics, white collar crime and prison are not usually in the same sentence as the word ‘funny.’   Jerome is able to take a serious message and tell it with wit and humor. If you’re looking for a motivational ethics speaker for your conference or convention, contact us for Jerome’s availability.

Your conference or convention audience will be able to relate to him as they find parallels between his experiences and their careers.  Humor keeps them engaged and provides much needed comic relief as Jerome reveals how he found humor in the middle of a nightmare.

Your group will be motivated to make better decisions, do the right thing, and stay out of prison.

Jerome Mayne Credentials

Jerome has been a keynote speaker for over 20 years. You have found a seasoned professional who is the clear authority on ethics, storytelling, humor and many other qualities you don’t get from your average motivational speaker.

  • Published Author — has sold thousands of copies of his best selling book, Diary of a White Collar Criminal. Self narrated on Audible and also available on Amazon. With over a 4 star rating his book is a top seller among business professionals seeking a true life story on ethics.
  • Hundreds of clients and sponsors — Jeromes vast client list includes over 2 dozen industries. Primary types of associations and corporations such as: Fortune 500 Companies, Business Finance, Real Estate, CPA (accounting), Attorney (legal), Government and Regulatory, Banking, Mortgage, Title Insurance, Fraud Examiners, Auditors, Insurance, Law Schools and Colleges — to name a few.
  • Social Media Giant — with Jerome’s presence on LinkedIn and yes Facebook, of course YouTube and unfortunately Twitter, he is seen by hundreds of followers each month. The business community has found his content to be useful, relevant and entertaining. This is why he has so much engagement.
  • Satisfied Clients — With dozens of past clients Jerome has acquired many testimonials. Word of mouth is why Jerome is one of the business ethics most sought after speakers in North America.
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