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Humorous Speaker on Fraud

Not often do you find a funny keynote speaker with topics on prison, fraud, white collar crime and ethics. Jerome Mayne, a former felon, tells his serious story about a young family man getting caught up in a white collar conspiracy. He tells his story in a riveting, emotional yet, entertaining fashion. Other concurrent obstacles simply made Jerome’s experience more unique.

“It was absolutely life changing. I was diagnosed with cancer with only 4 months remaining in my federal prison sentence. I should have had an emotional breakdown. I can’t say that it wasn’t a huge blow at first, but I accepted the fact that this was my life — right ‘then and now’. My prison sentence was not going to define me and my cancer was not going to end me.”

‘Finding the funny’ has been a way of life for Jerome. If he had never gone to prison or had cancer, he would be performing comedy or improvisation somehow – some way, somewhere.

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He’s had years of experience trading failure for success in the face of overwhelming odds; including some incredibly challenging business ethics situations. Jerome will show your group how to overcome adversity and change, how to make the best decisions possible – every time, how to communicate as a true leader and overall, be better at what they do best.

Large or small, we all face road blocks. There are obstacles and challenges every day that stand in the way to happiness and success. Unshakable self confidence is a powerful quality.  Without it, all decisions and choices are second guessed, even effective communication is at risk.

Jerome will give your group all the skills they need to be at the top of their game, all the time.

Your group will be given the tools for effective communication. They will be able to overcome adversity and obstacles that stand in their way of professional success.

Jerome found success on the other side of some of life’s most feared obstacles. You can too. On a side note, your business will boom.

Fraud in Business

Fraud is still one of the biggest issues facing big business today. As a funny keynote speaker, Jerome Mayne will help your audience realize their vulnerabilities. Your group will fully understand that their decisions have life long consequences for committing fraud.

“Your talk was very entertaining at this year’s Arkansas State Bar Association’s Annual Conference. I could tell you really connected with the crowd and held their interest. You may use me as a positive reference any time.”

Randall S. Bueter, Esq Arkansas State Bar Association

Funny Keynote Speaker on Fraud

By the time Jerome is in front of your group, his presentation will have been tweaked and customized to best suit your audience. This is because no two groups are the same and what is important to you, might not be the same as his last audience.

His primary key note presentation on overcoming adversity in the face of the consequences of fraud and the challenge of business ethics is riveting and emotional.  This is a true lesson in overcoming adversity.

Jerome is an author, master storyteller, funny keynote speaker and a professional business trainer.  His story; his journey of climbing the corporate ladder, as just a regular guy, found him in the middle of an FBI investigation, indictment, federal court and finally — prison.

“The presentation was really funny! Mr. Mayne’s presentation is intelligent, inspiring, practical and so incredibly enjoyable. His message was excellently delivered.”

Julia Lee Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association

Effective Communication

Regardless of whether you are interacting with a co-worker, employee, boss, manager, client or just someone on your team, on the spot, quick and creative decision making is critical to effective communication and the success of all areas of your business.

With hands-on interactive exercises, your group of business professionals will take away all the tools and skills they need to overcome  obstacles that stand in the way of effective communication, cross departmental communication and leadership communication.  The exercises are fun so your group will also see how laughter in the workplace is essential to professional development.