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Keynote Speaker on Mortgage Fraud Ethics

Since 2001 Jerome has been speaking on Mortgage Fraud Ethics across the United States, Canada and Mexico. His keynote presentation deals with his involvement in a mortgage fraud conspiracy that took place in 1994. He has worked with dozens of mortgage companies and real estate industry associations. Jerome’s story deals with getting caught up in a conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. This is a real lesson in mortgage fraud ethics.

mortgage fraud ethics keynote

His presentations ultimately deal with mortgage fraud ethics and often qualify for continuing education credits for ethics. The other professions that fall under this umbrella include appraisers, title insurance and mortgage bankers. As well as brokers, Realtors and agents.

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While there are ethical blunders in all of corporate America, Jerome’s presentation is his story. Which is why it is impactful for mortgage fraud and ethics subjects. since it deals with a white collar fraud conspiracy that took place as a loan officer. Fraud is as much of a problem today as it was 25 years ago. This is because it’s still happening in the real estate and mortgage industry. Jerome’s presentation, Choices and Consequences, is timeless and his topics also involve ethics.

Best Keynote Presentation On Mortgage Fraud

Jerome typically receives high, if not the highest marks at the events at which he speaks. He doesn’t deal so much with the mechanics of preventing fraud. He deals with people, their attitudes and their ethical decisions surrounding the topic of mortgage fraud ethics. He doesn’t use PowerPoint presentations.

Jerome tells his riveting story about how he got caught up with a group of con men. It was actually a white collar fraud conspiracy. His story isn’t about how someone else got involved in real estate crime. He doesn’t give an account of how some other group of criminals got caught and arrested. He speaks from first hand experience. The best way to capture the audience at your mortgage conference or convention is to hear a story that is told with passion and emotion.

He frequently speaks on fraud and ethics in the real estate finance industry. HIs past clients are extensive and title insurance companies are at the top. He has delivered dozens of keynote presentations in the title insurance industry as well as real estate and appraisers.

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