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Keynote Speaker Jerome Mayne

He is a powerful keynote speaker on fraud and ethics.  He has a hell of a story of a white collar conspiracy that went horribly wrong. Now a top rated keynote speaker, Jerome Mayne tells his story of ethics, fraud and consequences around the country.

white collar conspirator

Finance Professional Gone Bad?

As an unsuspecting finance professional, Jerome found himself working with a group of real estate investors.  They had no intention of following the legal guidelines of finance, real estate and mortgage lending.  Before long, Jerome found himself not just turning a blind eye, but in fact, helping out.

Powerful keynote speaker, Jerome Mayne


Business Keynote Speaker

Powerful business keynote speakers are transformative forces in the corporate world, wielding the unique ability to inspire, educate, and drive change. Leveraging a blend of industry expertise, compelling storytelling, and actionable insights, these thought leaders not only captivate audiences but also empower them to achieve greater heights in their professional endeavors. When organizations seek to elevate their events, foster innovation, or navigate challenging business landscapes, turning to a renowned business keynote speaker can be the catalyst for profound growth and success.

Fraud, Ethics, Prison and Humor

Four years after he cut ties with the king pin, Jerome became a legitimate, successful entrepreneur.  His stay on top ended in a hurricane of FBI investigations, federal court, and finally a 21 month federal prison sentence.  His experience taught him the consequences of fraud and the importance of ethics.

Powerful Keynote Speaker

Jerome’s background includes touring as a stand up comedian as well as a professional improv instructor and performer. These experiences are necessary qualities of a powerful keynote speaker. He has been called a top fraud and ethics keynote speaker in the country.

Since 2001, after his release, he has spoken to thousands of business professionals, highlighting the vulnerabilities that exist in corporate America today.

He tells his gripping story with passion, and humor.  With his heartfelt account of this professional, emotional and psychological collapse, comic relief is needed.

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