Professional Ethics Workshops

Professional Ethics in the Workplace

With wit and passion, Jerome Mayne shares his personal experience in the world of finance. His incarceration fuels his story of getting caught up in a white collar conspiracy. Now a renowned motivational speaker on professional ethics, he inspires students and business professionals to use their own morality to make the right decisions – even when the right decisions aren’t easy.

” Ethics and personal integrity are fundamentals in addressing the dignity and ethical commas of others”

Ethics Workshops for Professionals

Ethics is not something that can simply be learned from factual bullet points on a powerpoint slide. This is because ethics is not about specific ‘things’. It is not about ‘what’ to do, it is about how to behave. Essentially, it is about characteristic behavior.

Looking at the choices and decisions we make and our level of confidence at the time we make them is the key. Trusting your instinct and yes, that ‘gut feeling’ isn’t always easy, or obvious. Recognizing your hesitations will help you make stronger choices in the future.

Interactive Exercises

Fueled by personal stories and experiences, Jerome’s professional ethics workshop titled, All That Ethical Jazz includes participation by the attendees. As the group participants observe each other make simple decisions and choices the purpose of the exercise becomes obvious. It is our level of trust within ourselves that prevents us from making solid, confident choices on the spot.