Funny Keynote Speaker on Fraud

Funny Keynote Speaker on Fraud

Would you stand up for what you believe is right or would you choose to keep your job and risk going to prison? Could your family; your kids overcome the shame and embarrassment of your criminal conviction? These seemingly impossible questions challenges have answers. And believe it or not the lessons can be learned from a funny keynote speaker on fraud.

Jerome Mayne, leading expert in the United States on ethics and adversity, takes you on his personal journey from CEO, father of two young boys, living in a quaint neighborhood, to a whirlwind of FBI investigations, federal court, and finally prison.

He will bring you along on his emotional journey.  He tells his story with wit and passion. You’ll understand how he dealt with adversity through his reliance upon the strength of others and by finding the humor in the middle of a nightmare. His stories will help you understand your vulnerabilities, and you’ll take away all the tools you’ll need to save yourself from making the wrong decisions and loosing everything you’ve ever worked for.

Beyond Humor and Fraud

But wait, there’s more! Jerome Mayne isn’t just a funny keynote speaker on fraud – he’s also a master at capturing the audience’s attention. Even if your attendees have sat through countless keynotes in the past, rest assured that Jerome’s presentation will leave them feeling invigorated and enlightened. His unique approach to tackling serious topics with a splash of humor can reframe how you see everyday ethical dilemmas. From the moment he steps onto the stage until the moment he finishes his talk, he ensures a roller coaster ride full of wisdom, laughter, and reflective moments.

Beyond Humor and Fraud

Despite the gravity of his experiences, Jerome knows how to tap into humor to deliver critical lessons that stick. Yes, his story involves prison and the FBI, but it’s also peppered with hilarious anecdotes and unexpected punchlines that will leave your audience chuckling, all while absorbing crucial information about ethics and decision making. So, if you’re in need of a funny keynote speaker on fraud who knows how to balance seriousness with humor, look no further. Jerome will not only make your attendees think, but he’ll also make them laugh – and isn’t that the best way to learn? Book Jerome today and let him transform your event into an engaging and enlightening experience.

The business takeaways

  • where your vulnerabilities lie
  • how easy it is to join a conspiracy – even if you didn’t intend to
  • how the phrase, “no harm, no foul” is absolutely ridiculous
  • that real con men are out there and how they will recruit you
  • the devastating effects committing fraud has on the victims, your profession and your family
  • how to maintain a relationship with your kids through snail mail and collect phone calls
  • find out once and for all whether or not there really is, in fact, a big guy named Bubba

Jerome will show you that the unethical behaviors that exist today in the “business as usual” corporate culture can get you your own Federal Inmate Number.

Keynote or workshop

Presentation length: 30 minutes to 2 hours

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