Public Speaker on Ethics Interactive Workshops

All That Ethical Jazz

Companies don’t go to prison – people do!

Did you ever go with the flow because it was easier than asserting yourself?  Professionals from young to old are faced with tough decisions every day.  Ethics is more than just the actions you take when faced with tough choices, it is how you behave as a person every day.

Self confidence combined with creative problem solving skills not only lead to stronger values, they lead to a stronger bottom line.  

Jerome leads your group through real solutions to the day-to-day ethical challenges that we all must face.  All That Ethical Jazz is not just a sit-and-listen presentation.  Using interactive exercises, based on the principles of improv, Jerome inspires thought-provoking discussions that produce real-world solutions.  Your group will learn to truly trust their instincts and tap into the many creative choices that are right at their fingertips.

In All That Ethical Jazz your group will learn:

  • Why codes of ethics are in place (and confusing)
  • That your instinct rarely tells you to do the wrong thing first
  • How to listen to that “gut” feeling
  • How to avoid being beaten be the “Con Men”, that are all around you
  • The red-flag indicators of unethical behavior
  • How to trust yourself and make the right decisions, on the spot!

Keynote, breakout session, half day seminar/workshop

Presentation length: 1 to 3 hours


Lowell Johnson – Director, Washington County Minnesota Department of Public Health and Environment

Jerome Mayne showed us techniques that can be used to help us open our minds to new ideas through creativity and laughter! We learned that our minds tend to think based on repetitive patterns that we have experienced. What a great reminder that our teamwork can be enhanced by not being judgmental or making assumptions about right/wrong too quickly. I think we’ll be saying, “Yes…and*” for a while.