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Title Insurance Clients and Sponsors

Since 2001, Jerome Mayne has spoken for or has been sponsored by the following title insurance companies. Often these speaking engagments have been at conferences and conventions and have counted towards continuing education credit. Typically his keynotes and workshops are on the topics of fraud and ethics.

title insurance fraud, ethics, workshops

Fidelity National Financial

First National Title Insurance Company

First American Title Insurance Company

Chicago Title

Old Republic

LandAmerica Title

Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company

Backman Title Insurance, Salt Lake City Utah

Investors Title

Southern Title Insurance Corporation

Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Licensing and Continuing Education

Each year, title agents must complete a certain number of hours of education in order to retain their license.  This is called continuing education or CE for short. A certain number of those hours must be spent on obtaining continuing education credits on ethics.

Real Estate Title Insurance Fraud

Land title fraud can cripple the real estate market. Fraud in the title industry can cripple the real estate market and therefore the economy. There are many ethical decisions that must be made on each real estate transaction. The ethical decisions made by title agents are crucial to the company’s maintaining their reputation as well as their profitability.

Title Insurance Company Conferences and Conventions

Each year state and natioinal title companies send some of their employees to conferences and conventions. Here, they attend general education workshops and listen to keynote speakers. Many of the general sessions and breakout workshops qualify for continuing education credits.

Jerome Mayne has worked with many of these companies as their speaker and workshop facilitator on mortgage fraud and ethics for their event. The umbrella for this part of the industry is real estate. So, Jerome has spoken at many land title conferences and conventions that are attended by professionals in real estate. Much of the time, his keynote speaches and ethics workshops qualify continuing education.

Speaker For Insurance Industry

The Land Title Business

When you purchase a home, your mortgage company wants to make sure that the seller is actually the seller of the piece of real peroperty.  To do this, they hire a company to make sure this is the case.  A mortgage title company will do research on the transfer of the deed, all the way back until the time that the government first sold the property. The purpose of which is to make sure that each time the title, or deed, was transferred (bought and sold) it was done completely and legally.

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