Top 10 Reasons to Commit Fraud

Top 10 Reasons to Commit Fraud

I’m not sure why David Letterman never used this top 10 list. Maybe he never had a writer who was a humorous keynote speaker who actually served time for involvement in a white collar conspiracy.

Keep in mind, I don’t think fraud or crime is a joke. That said, I’ve found that my serious keynote presentations, when delivered with humor, have a more profound impact on business professionals. They retain more of the life saving lessons I share in my story about choices and consequences.

Here We Go with the Comic Relief

10. You wanted some time to mull over a career change.

9. You always thought you’d look great in an orange jump-suit.

8. Wanted to see just how bad Martha Stewart really had it.

7. Won’t have to worry about buying Christmas presents for your pesky kids.

6. Wanted to sharpen up your fighting skills.

5. You were just sick and tired of voting anyway.

4. You wanted to see if that escape plan you dreamed up would really work.

3. Wanted your mom to drive 300 miles to visit you for a change.

2. Thought it might be kind of cute for your kids to call someone else Dad.

1. Always wanted a roommate named Bubba.

Reasons to Commit Fraud

There are no actual reasons to commit fraud. Fraud causes major financial losses. Jerome Mayne delivers his keynote presentations at conventions and uses humor in order to convey the message about making ethical decisions. His funny approach to such a serious topic allows the reader or audience member to digest the information. These aren’t actual reasons to commit fraud. You know that, right?