Recommending Speakers to Your Group

How to Recommend Jerome to Your Group

Recommending speakers to your group

It’s not always easy to recommend a speaker to your group. If you’ve seen Jerome speak before or watched some of his videos, you know that his dynamic combination of emotionally charged, riveting storytelling and laugh-out-loud humor is amazingly effective.

If you work for a speakers bureau, you might find it helpful to have this template on how to pitch a keynote speaker to an event planner.

“The presentation was thought-provoking, eye-opening, relevant……and really funny! Mr. Mayne’s approach to presentation is intelligent, inspiring, practical and so incredibly enjoyable.

Julia Lee – Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association

I’m Not the Only Decision Maker

But maybe you’re not the only decision maker, and there are other people who are going to need some convincing.  Unfortunately, some people think that serious and relevant subjects can’t be funny, or that entertaining sessions can’t be informative.  You know it’s not the case, but how are you supposed to get other people on board?

Here’s how.  We’ve been asked these questions before, and this is how we like to answer them.  It’s worked for us, so it’ll probably work for you too!

What are we going to get out of this?

Your group will get the most memorable professional development they’ve ever had.  Jerome’s Choice and Consequences keynote or workshop is a serious, hilarious and a vitally important look at the individual, the choices they make and the very real consequences that can result.  His story is riveting and emotional which will keep your audience on the edge of tears and laughing at the same time.  This is not common.

Who is this guy and what are his credentials?

Jerome has been speaking to companies and professional association in the United States, Canada and Mexico for the past 2 decades.  He’s worked with Fortune 100 companies, and many have hired him back.  He has the references. All those people can’t all be wrong, can they?

This is a serious conference or event and doesn’t deal with the topics of fraud or ethics. Are we going to get enriching, valuable content out of this?

Absolutely. Just because it’s entertaining doesn’t mean it’s not educational. Throughout each presentation, Jerome weaves in the serious and relevant content so that people are laughing and learning all at the same time.  Also, all attendees will walk away with lifesaving insights and actionable everyday strategies they can use immediately.

We don’t want to get a ‘scared straight’ message.  We have law-abiding employees.

First of all, it’s extremely unlikely that you have a budding Bernie Madoff or Frank Abagnale in your organization.  If you think you do, you should book keynote speaker Frank Abagnale. Yes, Jerome has been to prison.  He broke the law. But Jerome was a regular employee, just like your people.  He didn’t develop a ‘plan’ or a ‘scheme’ to make off with millions of dollars – just like your people wouldn’t.  He was a regular, professional and ethical person, just like the people in your organization.  However, listening to Jerome, ‘your people’ could imagine themselves making some of the same ‘seemingly innocent’ decisions.  But they will see how to avoid making similar choices and won’t have to experience the painful consequences.

Does Jerome’s humorous and emotional delivery style take away from the message?

Actually, it does the opposite.  The entertainment puts people at ease and builds trust, and can make everyone even more receptive to the key takeaways.  Oftentimes even more receptive than a serious, brainy and credentialed academic.  Don’t take Jerome’s word for it, it’s a fact. The proof can be found about the impact of laughter and humor on an audience.

Jerome can pull some serious emotions from people but also make them laugh.  Is this going to be a downer?

Jerome’s personal; dynamic storytelling style is what makes people focus so they don’t miss the key takeaways.  If you watch the faces of the audience during one of Jerome’s presentations, you’ll notice them smiling, laughing, and riveted for the entire session.  He promises that they won’t even look at their phones!

What else can I expect from Jerome Mayne as a keynote speaker?

Most importantly, Jerome will connect with each audience member on a personal level.  This is something that is not a joke and is the #1, most important thing to Jerome.  Everyone in the audience will listen and watch a keynote presentation that they’ll not soon forget.  You know this is unique and will ultimately help increase attendance this year and plant the seeds for an even bigger and better event next year.

Will you look stupid by recommending a horrible a speaker that others may not have heard of?

It’s happened before that a person recommends a speaker that not everyone knows. And the speaker turns out to be horrible!  What if that person was you?  Then after the conference or event you look stupid and now everyone hates you. We promise that this has never happened.  And not every speaker can say that.

Recommending a keynote speaker to your group

This is a promise.  (Will your committee believe a promise coming from a former felon?  Just ask the hundreds of Jerome’s other clients.  He couldn’t have tricked them all.

Will this help you?

Hopefully this will help you convince your fellow decision-makers to try someone different or new at your next conference or event. Whether that means hiring Jerome or someone else who knows how to make a serious keynote truly enjoyable.  And if this isn’t enough information, please give us a moment and schedule a brief conference call with your group!  We firmly believe that improving your business doesn’t have to be boring.  We know you do, too.  Now let’s get everyone else on board with us. For event marketing info for event planners check this out.

Jerome Could Be The right Fit

If you think Jerome is a fantastic fit for your event, contact him and he can help show your group how he will fit right in.

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