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Keynote Speaker Fees for Events

Keynote Speaker fees vary greatly. However, an average fee as of October 2023 is about $15,000 for speakers with over 10 years of experience. The overall average for public speakers is about $16,500.

In 2023, over 80% of event planners say that they are concerned about their event budgets due to the economy.

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Keynote Speaking Fees for Jerome Mayne

Most Speakers Bureaus quote Jerome in the $7,500 to $20,000 range. However, this dependents on many many factors. (see below for negotiable circumstances).

Keynotes Fee Accommodations

Accommodations can be made for non-profit groups and government entities.  We are always interested in working within an organization’s budget.  If Jerome is the “right fit” for your group, we’re sure that we can make something work.

Public Speaker Fees – other factors:

  • the type of presentation, such as keynote, general session, or breakout workshop
  • multiple presentations…different or same-presentation repeated 1-6 times
  • gifting a copy of Jerome’s book, Diary of a White Collar Criminal to each person attending the meeting
  • length of presentation…typically Jerome’s keynote is 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. (workshops can be up to 2 hrs – especially if there is interest in ethics Continuing Education credits).
  • location or venue…where meeting is being held
  • licensing fee…permission to audio or video tape Jerome’s presentation
  • customization…fee for going above and beyond a personalized program
  • continuing education…extra time involved in submitting to licensing authority
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No matter what type of presentation, keynote or workshop, you can count on a presentation that is unforgettable, humorous, and will “move” your group.  Given the serious nature of ethics and fraud, and the fact that Jerome’s presentations and workshops are delivered in a humorous fashion, your company or association event will be a huge success!

Speaker’s Bureaus And Fees

While it is entirely possible that Jerome Mayne is the right speaker for your next event, it is also possible that he is not. A speaker who tries to be all things to all people, will wind up living in a van down by the river.

Speaker’s Bureaus play an integral role in making your event successful.  They are constantly educating themselves on emerging topics and they continually scour the market for speakers of the highest quality.  One such bureau is Keppler Speakers Bureau.  Jerome has been fortunate enough to work with these folks in the past and has found them extremely easy to work with. In the past, they’ve billed him as the “bargain” Frank Abgnale. This is because Jerome’s fees are less than Frank Abagnale’s fees.

Do Speakers Bureaus Charge More?

Speakers bureaus do not charge you more that the speaker will quote when quoting public speaker fees. The are simply more knowledgable when it comes to the value of speakers. They are invaluable when booking a conference, convention, expo or company meeting. They can give you choices and you can go to your committee and make a decision.

Understanding Speaking Fee Structures

When it comes to arranging speaking engagements, understanding the various ways speaking fees can be quoted is essential for both speakers and event planners. Whether through a speakers bureau or directly from the speaker, fees can be structured in multiple ways. All methods with unique implications and benefits. The following sections explore different methods of quoting speaking fees, including net and gross fee structure. This includes an all-inclusive fee approach. Familiarizing oneself with these concepts not only aids in transparent negotiations but also ensures that all parties involved have clear expectations.

Quoting a Speaker’s Fee – Net Basis

In the world of keynote speaking, a net fee quotation by a speakers bureau represents the actual amount a speaker will take home after all necessary deductions. This transparent approach aligns with many event planners’ preferences, as it provides a clear understanding of the speaker’s take-home pay. Net quotations often exclude commissions, agency fees, and other expenses. This means that the event planner needs to account for these additional costs separately. This method, while clear-cut, requires open communication between the speaker, and event planner to ensure all involved parties are on the same page.

Quoting a Speaker’s Fee – Gross Basis

When quoting a speaker’s gross fee, such as $10,000, the speakers bureau presents the total amount before deducting their commission. This typically ranges from 20% to 25%. This gross fee represents the speaker’s payment exclusively for their speaking services. The only deduction made from this figure is the bureau’s commission. Additional costs, such as a travel stipend or accommodations for 1-2 nights in a hotel, would be quoted separately by the bureau. This approach ensures that the speaker’s fee remains intact, and only the agreed-upon commission is taken out.

By quoting the gross fee, the speakers bureau, speaker, and event planner can maintain a transparent and streamlined process. This is because all parties know precisely how the fee is allocated. This method helps in building trust. It also ensures that both speakers and event planners know exactly what to expect from the financial aspect of the engagement.

Quoting an All-Inclusive Fee – Overview

An all-inclusive fee is a comprehensive approach taken by some speakers, particularly when working independently without a bureau. In this method, the speaker quotes a total fee, such as $10,000, that includes not only their speaking honorarium but also any related travel, accommodation, and incidental expenses. This all-encompassing figure ensures that there are no hidden or additional costs to be handled separately.

Benefits for Event Planners and Speakers

An all-inclusive fee provides simplicity and transparency for event planners, as they know upfront the full financial commitment for engaging the speaker. For speakers, this method offers control and flexibility, allowing them to manage their expenses within the quoted amount. The all-inclusive fee strategy can foster trust and efficiency in the booking process, as it sets clear expectations and reduces the potential for misunderstandings related to costs.

Appeal to Different Stakeholders

It often appeals to event planners looking for a straightforward and predictable budgeting approach, allowing them to focus more on the content and impact of the event rather than financial intricacies. This strategy not only streamlines the negotiation and agreement process but also emphasizes the speaker’s commitment to providing value without unexpected financial surprises. It’s a method that aligns well with transparency and clear communication, vital aspects in today’s dynamic speaking industry.

Final Word on Keynote Speaker Fees

Fees can be a one of the most uncomfortable parts of getting a speaker for your event. It doesn’t have to be. Transparency is always the best practice. Knowing your event budget and being upfront about asking the speaker what they charge can be complicated, but feel free to discuss. Most speakers would rather speak than not speak. And, many of us want to try to find a way to not break the event budget yet still stay true to the value of our profession.

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