Speaker Title Insurance Associations

Speaker for Land Title Insurance Groups and Associations

Since 2001, Jerome Mayne has spoken for or has been sponsored by the following title insurance companies. Often these speaking engagments have been at conferences and conventions and have counted towards continuing education credit. Typically his keynotes and workshops are on the topics of fraud and ethics.

Typically his speaking engagments qualify and have counted towards continuing education credit for fraud and ethics.

Fidelity National Financial

Arkansas Land Title Association

Escrow Association of Washington

Indiana Land Title Association

Kansas Land Title Association (KLTA)

Louisiana Land Title Association (LLTA)

Minnesota Land Title Association (MLTA)

Missouri Land Title Association (MLTA)

New Jersey Land Title Institute

Ohio Land Title Association

Oklahoma Land Title Association

Orange County Escrow Association

Tennessee Land Title Association

Utah Land Title Association

Virginia Land Title Association


Title Insurance Associations

When you purchase a home, your mortgage company wants to make sure that the seller is actually the seller of the piece of real peroperty.  To do this, they hire a company to make sure this is the case.  A title insurance associations help their professionals make educated decisions. This will help them avoid unethical decisions which could lead to mortgage fraud.

Title Associations Provide Continuing Education

If you are a member of a title insurance association, you are smart. This doesn’t just mean that you get to associate with and learn from other title insurance professinals. When you attend an annual conference and convention of the title insurance association to which you belong, they often hire a keynote speaker who speaks on the topics of fraud and ethics. Getting your ethics continuing educations credits out of the way can be a major relief.

Land Title Isurance Association Speaker on Fraud

Fraud can cripple the real estate market and therefore the economy. Jerome Mayne has first hand experience on lack of ethical decisions that result in fraud.  As a speaker on fraud in the land title association industry, Jerome has helped many land title professionals make the right decisions and stay out of prison.

Title Insurance Association Conferences and Conventions

Annually, state title insurance associations hold conventions. Here, they attend general, continuing education workshops are a great place to attend breakout workshops and obtain their continuing education, or CE credits.

Real estate is considered to be the main category for both the mortgage and title industries. Jerome Mayne is a title insurance speaker often booked to speak at real estate association conferences and conventions because there are many overlaping issues that pertain to both fraud and ethics.

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