Fraud and Consequences

Fraud and Consequences

Jerome Mayne, a leading expert in the United States on fraud and ethics takes you on his personal journey from CEO, father of two young boys, living in a quaint neighborhood, to a whirlwind of FBI investigations, federal court, and finally prison.

Fraud expert on mortgage fraud


A Hell of a Story

Jerome Mayne will bring you along on his emotional journey and you will understand how he dealt with adversity and found humor in the middle of a nightmare. His his story will help you understand your vulnerabilities, and you’ll take away all the tools you’ll need to save yourself from making the wrong decisions and loosing everything you’ve ever worked for.

Making a wrong decision in a tough situation can have serious consequences. Adversity, self imposed or not, can be difficult to overcome.  It starts with life saving lessons and self confidence. and continues with trying to overcome the adversity that comes with the consequences of committing a crime, FBI investigations, arrest, criminal court, and finally a federal prison sentence.

Fraud and Ethics – what your group will take away

  • where their vulnerabilities lie
  • how easy it is to join a conspiracy – even if no one intended to
  • how the phrase, “no harm, no foul” is absolutely ridiculous
  • that real con men are out there and how they will recruit
  • the devastating effects committing fraud has on the victims, one’s profession and one’s family
  • how to maintain a relationship with kids through snail mail and collect phone calls
  • find out once and for all whether or not there really is, in fact, a big guy named Bubba in prison

Jerome will show you that the unethical behaviors existing today in the “business as usual” corporate culture, that can get you your own federal inmate number.

Keynote or workshop 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Con-men Committing Fraud and Avoiding Criminal Prosecution

Today, business professionals need to know the methods used by con-men and how they recruit business professionals to commit fraud.  Federal prisons are full of average business men and women who have committed fraud, sometimes in the most unsuspecting ways.  This keynote presentation has been used as a way to prevent mortgage fraud as well as corporate fraud in general.  Jerome shows his audiences the red flags that exist in the real world. And he will convey lessons of fraud and ethics without the same boring workshops and powerpoint presentations used by typical corporate trainers who teach ethics classes around the country.

Fraud and Ethics. What is an Ethic?

The important but often ignored teachings and understandings of fraud and ethics.

Most young business professionals working in the business of real estate finance do not think about the topics of fraud and ethics. I know, because I was once a newbie. I entered the mortgage finance business in my early twenties.

Fast forward twenty years – I left the real estate finance business when I was in my early thirties. It was the mortgage fraud conviction that put an end to the lending trade, for me. My federal prison sentence ended in 2001. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with literally thousands of mortgage and real estate finance professionals. Primarily delivering keynote presentations at their mortgage companies and at mortgage banker and broker conferences and conventions.

Since I speak and train on the topics of fraud and ethics, I get the opportunity to ask and answer questions of the mortgage and real estate professionals; the attendees of the mortgage conference events. I often ask these finance business professionals what they can tell me about fraud and ethics in their industry. I hear everything from, “It’s about doing the right thing.  Just watch the news. There are people getting arrested all the time for committing mortgage and real estate fraud.”

That first answer was good – doing the right thing. But then I ask them, “How do you be ‘ethical’.”  I often hear situational examples. This is good too.  However, ethics is about behavior. More accurately ethics is about characteristic behavior.

I know that in the mortgage and real estate profession’s codes of ethics exist.  Just search the internet and you’ll find a Code of Ethics on every mortgage association and real estate association web site. This isn’t good enough.  So there are new licensing standards for mortgage industry professionals and ethics courses that are mandatory. To me, this is an excellent addition to the mortgage and real estate industry practices and standards.

Classroom is great, but we need to find ways for all the leaders in the mortgage and real estate industries to lead by example.  They need to pay attention to the characteristic behavior of not just their employees, but the need to keep a close eye on the decisions they all make.

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