Title Insurance Industry Speaker

Title Insurance Industry Speaker

 Jerome Mayne 

Jerome is an author, keynote speaker and a former federal inmate.

Riveting Keynote Speaker and Felon

While he is not proud of his status as a former white collar criminal and felon, his stories are real.  His gripping account of how he got caught up in a white collar conspiracy is serious and actually humorous.  His presentations are the perfect mix of something different, relevant, powerful, gripping, serious and, believe it or not, humorous.

Top Rated Speaker

Jerome is one of the nation's top rated speakers on title insurance fraud and ethics in the country.  He has been speaking at title insurance and real estate conferences and conventions since 2001.  As you can imagine, he has quite a few stories to tell about about fraud, ethics and prison.

Ethics Lessons From an Ex-Con

Most conferences and conventions of title insurance companies and associations like to offer ethics continuing education credit.  Jerome's programs are always approved.  Additionally, Jerome receives high, if not the highest marks at events for his presentations.

Comedy Background

In addition to his extensive background in the mortgage, title and real estate industries, he toured the mid-western United States as a stand-up comedian.  While title insurance fraud is no joke, Jerome includes comic relief in his keynote presentations.  His humor is clean and always well received.

title insurance industry speaker


"I work with organizations who want their people to make the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy.  My focus is on the continuing development of ethical attitudes and positive choices."

Past clients for title insurance conference keynote speaker Jerome Mayne

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“Your personal stories and your message captured and entertained the audiences at two of our biggest corporate events of the year."

Greg Strohm – Director of Quality

The Title Insurance Prison Story

In his mid 20s, Jerome pursued a career as a real estate finance professional. Gaining the experience he needed, he set off on his own and started both a real estate and a mortgage company.

A few years into his new ventures, was indicted for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. These charges stemmed from activities that took place 4 years earlier -- when he first started his career in the real estate finance industry.

He received a 21 month prison sentence.  His career and his happy family life were changed forever.

He is now a dynamic title insurance industry speaker with the unique ability to deliver his riveting, heartfelt story with wit and passion.