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Jerome Mayne is a top rated keynote speaker who is both serious and humorous. He speaks at conferences and conventions across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Choices and Consequences

With his top rated keynote, Choices and Consequences, he will take your audience on his personal journey from regular employee, CEO, father of two young boys, living in a quaint neighborhood, to a whirlwind of FBI investigations, federal court, and finally prison.

Survive Life and Laugh Yourself to Death

How do you deal with adversity in your life? Do you give up and call it quits? Do you drown in self-pity? We all have obstacles in our lives.  The questions is: how do we overcome them?

Motivational keynote speaker and cancer survivor, Jerome Mayne takes you through his experiences with adversity — a cancer survivor, getting his diagnosis while in federal prison. In this motivational keynote presentation, Survive Life and Laugh Yourself to Death, Jerome will motivate you to and find your way to overcome adversity and find laughter ion the middle of a nightmare. You can come out on the other side of some of life’s most feared challenges.

“The presentation was thought-provoking, eye-opening, relevant……and really funny! Mr. Mayne’s approach to presentation is intelligent, inspiring, practical and so incredibly enjoyable

Julia Lee – Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association

Top Rated Keynote Description

Title: Choices and Consequences

– making the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy

For 2 years his name was, Federal Inmate Number 08657-041.  Before that, Jerome Mayne was the founder and CEO of two corporations, respected in the financial community and the father of two young boys.  In 1999 he received a 21-month prison sentence for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering – crimes that took place four years earlier.  On November 4th, 1999, he reported to the Federal Prison in Yankton, South Dakota and his career and his life were changed forever.

Jerome keeps your client’s audience riveted – laughing and sometimes crying.  He covers the ‘always relevant’ business topics of fraud and ethics with wit and passion.  It’s a ‘real-life’ lesson in ethics.

Keynote: 1 – 2 hrs.

Workshop: 1 – 4 hrs.

Bonus: Keynotes and workshops qualify for continuing education credit in most professions and industries.

Jerome is an enthralling storyteller – at times you could hear a pin drop in the room.

Ashley Jared — Communications Director — Iowa Finance Authority

Overcoming Adversity and Cancer Survivor

Title: Survive Life and Laugh Yourself to Death

How does a motivational keynote speaker, cancer survivor, who is also a convicted felon, live a happy life?  In this keynote presentation, the answers will actually have you laughing.

Loosing a job, a death in the family, a sudden change in financial stability, a life threatening illness; this is life.

We all have problems. How we deal with problems define our character.  Adversity, obstacles and challenges will shut us down and change who we are forever — if we let them.

Jerome Mayne will tell you his story; how he overcame adversity and found humor in the middle of a nightmare: cancer, while of serving almost 21 months in federal prison as well as quadruple by-pass open heart surgery.

This dynamic keynote presentation is riveting as well as humorous and will demonstrate that you can overcome any life obstacles.

Keynote: 1 hr

Serious, Humorous and Highly Memorable

The always relevant topics and the life-saving lessons your audiences take away, will be invaluable to you as an event planner. Riveting, serious, humorous and highly memorable — of course these are the qualities you want your client’s events to have.

Top rated keynote presentation

The Most Important Story Business Professionals Will Ever Hear

Jerome has been telling his story to business professionals since 2001 — right after his release from federal prison. He is still telling this same story! Why the same story for 20 years? Because the consequences of fraud in business are still as relevant today as they were back then.

The Story of this Top Rated Keynote Speaker

In the Beginning

As a young, normal business professional in the 1990s, early in his career, Jerome was rising to the top at a national lending institution. He began working with a client that, he had a feeling, was not on the up-and-up. Within a few months, he past the point where his justifications would keep him at arms length.

For fear of getting fired he ended his relationship with the client, and with these transactions behind him, he moved forward with his career in real estate finance.

Four years later he was contacted by the FBI and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud wire fraud and money laundering. All of these charges were connected to his involvement with that former client earlier in his career. His life was changed forever.

This is only the beginning of his story. The consequences following the indictment, included pretrial, federal court and finally prison. But, it doesn’t end there.

In the Middle

Following his prison sentence; after ‘paying the price’ for his involvement in the criminal conspiracy, the stigma continued — and still continues almost 30 years after working with that client.

It Never Ends

Those ‘clients’ aren’t rare. Crossing the line isn’t unique to criminally minded business professionals. While not all will cross the line, all are eligible. He wants to tell his story to your business professionals.

This is the most important ethics message your business professionals will ever hear.

Riveting, Emotional and Humorous Keynote Video

This video is a brief representation of Jerome’s top rated keynote titled, Choices and Consequences. You’ll see his energy and humor. Finally, he shares part of his emotional journey; the resulting consequences of not having the clarity and making the wrong choice at the wrong time.

Top Rated Keynote Summary

Through his gripping presentation, Jerome tells the story of how his choices got him caught up in a fraud conspiracy.  He articulates the story of his complete financial and psychological collapse, loss of freedom, and finally prison.  He addresses the vulnerabilities that can exist in the ‘business as usual’ culture in corporate America today.

True Life Lessons in Ethics

Jerome will bring your audience along on his emotional journey.  As a result, they will understand how he dealt with adversity and found humor in the middle of a nightmare. His his story will help your client’s audience understand their vulnerabilities, and they’ll take away all the tools they’ll need to save them from making the wrong decisions and loosing everything they’ve ever worked for.

Making the wrong decisions in tough situations has serious consequences. Adversity, self imposed or not, can be difficult to overcome.  His top rated keynote presentation includes life saving lessons on how to make the right ethical decisions at the right time.

The 3 Pillars of making the Right Choice at the Right Time

Vitally important to all business professionals are the 3 key principals of Clarity, Choices and Consequences. These can be life saving lessons for their careers, their professions as well as the companies for which they work. Failure to make the right choice at the right time will have the personal consequences that include the loss of career, family, friends, financial security, freedom and much much more.

Actionable Take-aways


How you view yourself.  Are you the good person you think you are?


Your choices are made based on your Clarity. Are you truly authentic?


All Choices have consequences.  Do you REALLY know them?

Take-aways from the Top Rated Keynote

The key take-aways from Jerome’s top rated keynote, Choices and Consequences.

  • Gain the clarity of their true selves
  • The understanding of how the choices they make are a direct result of how clear they are with who they are
  • The reality of the consequences of their choices on the victims, their profession and their families
  • Where their vulnerabilities lie
  • How easy it is to join a conspiracy – even if no one intended to
  • How the phrase, “no harm, no foul” is absolutely ridiculous
  • That real con men are out there and how they will recruit
  • How to maintain a relationship with kids through snail mail and collect phone calls
  • How they can get their own federal inmate number
  • Find out once and for all whether or not there really is, in fact, a big guy named Bubba in prison

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