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Seriously Entertaining Keynote Speaker

Jerome Mayne is a serious, dynamic, humorous and entertaining keynote speaker. He has been speaking for over 20 years to professional associations and Fortune 500 companies across north America. His serious keynote presentation on fraud, ethics, choices and consequences is a favorite among event planners and speakers bureaus.

Jerome Mayne’s Keynotes are Entertaining and Funny

How Is Prison Funny

Well, it’s not. Jerome found the humor in the middle of this nightmare. While prison wasn’t fun, it turned out laughter was the best medicine. In his keynote, he finally busts the myth of whether or not there really is a big guy named Bubba in prison.

He is somewhat of an anomaly.  This is because his primary ethics keynote presentation titled, Choices and Consequences deals with his involvement in a white collar conspiracy and his subsequent incarceration. Yet even with this serious story, he will entertain your audience giving them an experience they will not soon forget.

Serious Life Lessons Entertaining Keynote Speaker

Your keynote speaker should be engaging. Studies show that humor, when included in a serious and emotional presentation will have a very long lasting impact on your group. Jerome’s combines the life saving lessons he learned of choices, consequences, and ethical decision making into a serious and humorous keynote presentation.

Entertaining Keynote Speaker

As a killer storyteller, Jerome will have your audience on the edge of their seats. Generally on the topics of fraud and ethics, his keynote is the story of his involvement in a white collar conspiracy.

Jerome’s Prison Story

In the 1990s, Jerome was a budding finance professional and met a group of unsavory real estate investors — indeed conmen. While working with them over the ensuing months, he realized he was getting too involved with them. After doing too much and going too far, he cut ties with them and moved on in his career. Four years later, when he had climbed the entrepreneurial ladder, he was indicted for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. This led to federal court and finally, prison. His career and his life were changed forever.

Entertainment At The Conference

Jerome’s story of being a regular guy getting caught up in white collar crime and going to prison should be a real downer. But Jerome is a master storyteller with a background as a touring standup comedian, professional improvisational performer and an improv instructor. He combines all of this experience into a highly professional and entertaining keynote for your audience.

Choices & Consequences

Would you stand up for what you believe is right or would you choose to keep your job and risk going to prison? Could your family; your partner and kids overcome the shame and embarrassment of your criminal conviction? These seemingly impossible challenges have answers in this powerful and entertaining keynote speaker presentation.

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