Cancer Survivor Keynote Speaker

A Keynote Speaker Cancer Survivor

Survive Life – and laugh yourself to death

How does a motivational keynote speaker, cancer survivor, who is also a convicted felon, live a happy life?  In this keynote presentation, the answers will actually have you laughing. Jerome Mayne speaks on ethics, fraud and also about overcoming adversity.

Overcoming Adversity

Loosing a job, a death in the family, a sudden change in financial stability, a life threatening illness; this is life.

We all have problems. How we deal with problems define our character.  Adversity, obstacles and challenges will shut us down and change who we are forever — if we let them.

Jerome Mayne will tell you his story; how he overcame adversity and found humor in the middle of a nightmare: cancer, while of serving almost 21 months in federal prison. The icing on the cake came when he overcame the adversity of quadruple by-pass open heart surgery.

This dynamic keynote presentation titled Survive Life and Laugh Yourself To Death is riveting as well as humorous and will demonstrate that you can overcome any life obstacles.

Motivational Keynote speaker cancer survivor

Cancer Survivor

How do you deal with adversity in your life? Do you give up and call it quits? Do you drown in self-pity? We all have obstacles in our lives.  The questions is: how do we overcome them?

Motivational keynote speaker and cancer survivor, Jerome Mayne takes you through his experiences with adversity and how he was able to find laughter on the other side of some of our most feared challenges.

What Are the Keys to Happiness

In 1994 Jerome was a loan officer at a nationally recognized real estate finance company. Over the course of several months, he got caught up in a white collar conspiracy. This led to a 21 month federal prison sentence.

Prison is one of the top 10 most feared obstacles. For the most part, committing a crime is something we can avoid.

As a cancer survivor, with only four months left out of his 21 month prison sentence, Jerome knows the true meaning of adversity and overcoming obstacles.  His life changing experiences taught him how so many of our precious moments on this earth are taken for granted. Jerome will show you the secrets to living each day happier and more content.

Laughter is the best medicine.  It is one of the keys to happiness.  Comedy and allowing yourself to laugh is a sign that you are living a great life.

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