Fraud and Ethics Keynote

Keynote on Fraud and Ethics

Jerome Mayne is a self-taught expert on fraud and ethics with a powerful keynote.

His top rated presentation titled — Choices and Consequences was inspired by his experience in a white collar crime conspiracy. This led to federal court and finally prison. He takes your audience on his personal journey from CEO, father of two young boys, living in a quiet neighborhood, to a whirlwind of FBI investigations, federal court, and finally prison. Your group will be on the edge of their seats hearing this real life lesson on fraud and ethics. This keynote is riveting, humorous and highly memorable.

“Mr. Mayne’s approach to presentation is intelligent, inspiring, practical and so incredibly enjoyable…. and really funny!” 

Julia Lee – Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association

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Jerome will bring you along on his emotional journey.  As a result, you will understand how he dealt with adversity and found humor in the middle of a nightmare. His story will help you understand your vulnerabilities, and you’ll take away all the tools you’ll need to save yourself from making the wrong decisions and loosing everything you’ve ever worked for.

Making the wrong decisions in tough situations can have serious consequences. Adversity, self imposed or not, can be difficult to overcome.  It starts with life saving lessons and self confidence. and continues with trying to overcome the adversity that comes with the consequences of committing a crime, FBI investigations, arrest, criminal court, and finally a federal prison sentence.

Speaker Like Frank Abagnale

He has been compared to keynote speaker Frank Abagnale. This is because his story is similar yet his presentation style is much more energetic.

Fraud and Ethics – what your group will take away

  • where their vulnerabilities lie
  • how easy it is to join a conspiracy – even if no one intended to
  • how the phrase, “no harm, no foul” is absolutely ridiculous
  • that real con men are out there and how they will recruit
  • the devastating effects committing fraud has on the victims, one’s profession and one’s family
  • how to maintain a relationship with kids through snail mail and collect phone calls
  • find out once and for all whether or not there really is, in fact, a big guy named Bubba in prison

Jerome will show you that the unethical behaviors in ethics and fraud that exist today in the “business as usual” corporate culture.  He will show your group that there are real ethical red flags that can be seen. And, how you can get you your own federal inmate number.

Keynote or workshop 30 minutes to 3 hours.

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