Innovative Leadership Communication

Innovative Leadership Communication

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Grow professionally and hone your innovative leadership communication skills.

Since 2001, author and keynote speaker Jerome Mayne has been bridging improvisational attitudes and behaviors to the business world. In this workshop, you will learn key behaviors that foster innovative communication skills which will help you think and communicate as a leader.

The Workshop

Talk, Talk, Talk – shut-up and listen

Through interactive exercises and incorporating the principles of improvisation you will walk away with exercises that you’ll be able to incorporate into your business immediately.  You will learn exercises that you’ll be able to practice with other like minded professionals.

What will I learn from a leadership communication workshop?

Your employees will walk away with the following:

  • active listening techniques
  • leading by hearing what your team is saying
  • multitasking: brainstorming innovative ideas
  • leading their department without authority

What are the best leadership communication workshops?

First, start with a professional development workshop that is offered by someone with experience.

Jerome has intimate knowledge and first hand experience with communicating with audiences, large to small, in a wide variety of industries and professions. His initial successes and failures came when he entered the world of stand-up comedy. He learned how to read an audience by the obvious indicator; laughter.  He learned the hard way that if the audience doesn’t understand you they won’t laugh, which means that you have to adjust.  Basically, you are learning to lead, by following.

Jerome’s workshop on how to communicate by leading, includes hands on interactive exercises that start with the very basic skills of listening with confidence and humility. Throughout the session, you will build on each skill that was previously learned, to be able to master the following element or skill. This continues to the end of the workshop where the attendees will be able to read their audience (one on one or large group) and follow them with confidence. This approach to innovative leadership communication allows you to use and practice these skills as soon as the session is over.

How can I use leadership communication skills?

Being a great leader means that you have the skills required to get people to follow you.  How do you get people to follow your lead? You have to find out about them; listen to them and know them. You can’t know them if you don’t pay attention. Leading is more about following than you might think. In terms of improvisation, this is called ‘follow the follower.’