Developing Teamwork – on the spot!

Teamwork in the Workplace

Trusting yourself and trusting your co-workers is the base at which all effective communication and good teamwork can exist. Self-confidence is a key characteristic and is also at the first level of developing professional skills. Using interactive exercises and incorporating the theories of improvisation, professionals will be able to walk away with specific skills that they can use immediately.

developing teamwork, professional development, workshopsDeveloping Teamwork

To build a culture of great teamwork, a strong sense of self-confidence goes hand in hand with creating a safe, strong atmosphere for meetings and building an effective team. With self-confidence you will learn how to trust yourself as well as your teammates, meeting participants, co-workers and other departments.

Having a workshop at your conference or company event where developing teamwork is your focus can boost morale. A by product to this activity is that your working environment will be a happier place to be.

This workshop includes interactive exercises that will demonstrate how good teams operate and exercises on how they breakdown.

  • Cultivate effective ways to work as a team/group
  • Build a framework to foster interactivity
  • Develop effective skills to have creative and productive meetings
  • Strengthen one-on-one and department cross-functional communication tactics
  • Team work as a way to strengthen your work force

Interactive Exercises

These workshops are interactive and fun. The team building exercises are designed using the principles of improv.  Your employees, managers and staff will gain high;y effective skills needed to succeed as a team. They will be able to utilize these skills immediately.

Professional Development

These workshops are crucial for the development of your company. Knowing how to communicate and to give up the idea that they can ‘do it all’ if they try hard enough. Working as a team means that each member is given the opportunity to put their ideas forward in an environment where they will be not just heard, but also considered. Effective team work skills will move your group towards the professional development goals that they desire, and that you need for a successful business.