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Ethics Keynote Speaker From A Felon

Jerome Mayne is an ethics keynote speaker, author, and trainer who specializes on the topics of ethics in business including the finance industry. He is known for his engaging ethics presentations that combine humor and real-life examples to educate and motivate his audiences.

Jerome’s background includes over 20 years of experience in the speaking industry. He has hundreds of clients across the US, Canada and Mexico. Mayne’s keynotes on ethics are designed to help individuals and organizations develop behaviors.  This is why his personal story on ethics and critical decision making have him in high demand.

Top 5 Reasons to Book Public Speakers on Ethics for Your Conference

  1. Captivating presentations that blend humor and real-life examples for engaged audiences.
  2. Expertise as a business keynote speaker on ethics and finance, offering valuable insights for ethical challenges.
  3. 20+ years of experience as a skilled speaker, connecting with diverse audiences.
  4. Trusted by clients in the US, Canada, and Mexico for ethics keynotes.
  5. Authentic personal story on ethics, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

Published Author

His life saving lessons foster trust, accountability, and integrity in Corporate America. He uses storytelling, case studies, and audience participation to illustrate the importance of ethical decision-making and the consequences of unethical behavior.

Jerome Mayne Humor Ethics Speaker

In addition to his speaking engagements, Mayne is the author of, “Diary of a White Collar Criminal”.  His book is self-narrated and is available on Audible as well as Amazon in paperback.  He is also the co-creator of the real estate finance continuing education course titled, Mortgage Fraud and Predatory Lending – What Every Agent Should Know (Dearborn/Kaplan – 2007).

With these credentials, Jerome is a highly sought after keynote speaker on ethics.

A fraud and ethics keynote speaker at your conference will discuss the importance of ethical behavior and decision-making in both personal and professional settings. They offer insights into the values and principles that underlie ethical behavior. Including, practical tips for applying these principles in everyday life.

Topics Covered By Ethics Speakers

  • Moral reasoning: Keynote speakers may discuss different approaches to moral reasoning and decision-making, including utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics.
  • Ethical leadership: They provide insights into what it means to be an ethical leader. And ultimately, they show business professionals how to build ethical cultures within organizations.
  • Corporate social responsibility: They discuss the role of organizations in promoting ethical behavior. As a result, this behavior contributes to the well-being of society as a whole.
  • Ethical decision-making: Keynote speakers offer practical tips for making ethical decisions. This includes, the importance of considering the consequences of one’s actions and engaging in open and honest communication.
  • Personal integrity: They discuss the importance of personal integrity. Which illustrates how to maintain one’s ethical standards in the face of challenges or pressure to behave unethically.
  • Choices and Consequences: Ethics Keynote Speakers such as Jerome Mayne is in high demand for business and financial conferences. He is the type of speaker who can give real life examples and share consequences of making questionable choices. These consequences are not limited to loosing their job. This is because there are unforeseen consequences such as prison, shame, loss of freedom, friends and family members.

Crucial Need for Ethics in Finance

1. Investment Bankers

Investment Bankers often deal with enormous sums of money and play a key role in financial markets. The potential for conflicts of interest and unethical behavior is rife. While just “Doing the right thing.” may be a good ethical start, when it comes to business professionals, there’s a bit more to it.

ethics keynote speaker for conference

2. Financial Advisors and Planners

Their close relationship with clients and access to personal financial information can sometimes lead to fraudulent activities or biased advice.

3. Stockbrokers and Traders

The pressure to perform and generate profits can sometimes lead to insider trading or other manipulative practices that breach ethical guidelines.

4. Mortgage Brokers and Lenders

These professionals often have incentives that may not align with the best interests of their clients. The potential for fraud or misrepresentation is significant.

5. Insurance Agents and Underwriters

The potential for fraudulent claims and unethical denial of claims requires a keen ethical compass and dedication to honesty.

6. Compliance Officers and Regulators

Although meant to uphold the rules, there have been cases of collusion or negligence. Their unique position requires stringent adherence to ethical practices.

Why An Ethics Keynote Speaker?

As a seasoned public speaker on ethics and fraud, Jerome understands the choices and consequences faced by professionals in these areas. His entertaining, engaging keynote speeches shed light on ethical practices, helping financial professionals navigate the complex world with integrity.

The goal of this page is to reach out to those who recognize the necessity of ethics in their field. It’s imperative to have an ethics keynote speaker for your conference who can make an engaging, genuine connection through their keynote speeches. Jerome’s unique combination of humor and wisdom from real-life experiences makes him the perfect ethics public speaker for your conference.

Speakers On Ethics At Events

Ultimately, keynote speakers who focus on ethics aim to help individuals and organizations understand the importance of making good decisions in impossible situations. They also provide practical tips and insights for promoting ethical behavior in both personal and professional settings. They draw from a variety of fields, including philosophy, psychology, and business. This allows them to provide a comprehensive understanding of ethics and its role in society. There are many other business keynote speakers on ethics to choose from; their types vary. The categories of speakers is crucial when planning industry conferences.

Since ethical behavior is such an important part of all areas of business, it is imperative that professional associations have a focus on this. Trade associations that have ethics events, conventions and conferences need to include at least one ethics keynote speaker. This is because it makes them better and improves a company’s bottom line.

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Mortgage Fraud and Ethics Speakers

Jerome’s story is a real-life lesson about making the right choices. In his early days, he was a young professional in the real estate finance world. But his world turned upside down when he got involved in mortgage fraud conspiracy. He faced charges for different kinds of fraud and even money laundering, which means trying to make illegally-gained money look legal. In the end, Jerome went to prison for 21 months because of his choices. His life changed completely. He is now considered to be a mortgage fraud ethics expert – self taught. He shares his story to teach others about the importance of doing the right thing. It’s a tough story, but it shows how crucial it is to be ethical.

Why Jerome For Ethics Event

Jerome makes an excellent speaker for an event focusing on mortgage fraud and ethics because his story is both authentic and impactful. His personal journey from a successful finance professional to a convicted fraudster provides real-world insight into the consequences of unethical actions in business. As someone who has experienced first-hand the repercussions of mortgage fraud, Jerome’s talk serves as a powerful, cautionary tale. His presentations underscore the importance of integrity in the finance industry, making him an ideal choice for event planners seeking a speaker who can deliver a resonating and thought-provoking message on ethics and mortgage fraud.

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