Humorous Improv Keynote Speaker

Jerome Mayne is a Former Touring Standup Comedian and a Humorous Improv Keynote Speaker.

At one point in my journey I toured the Mid-west as a stand-up comedian.  My most memorable gig was at a biker/trucker bar in North Dakota.  It wasn’t going well and about halfway through my first set, it occurred to me that prison life was nothing compared to this.

In my mid-20s I elected myself CEO of the two companies that I built.  I had a about a dozen employees and there was much success.  The wheels came off when I was arrested, and received a 21 month prison sentence for my involvement in a white collar conspiracy that stemmed from the entrepreneurial scramble.

Now an international keynote speaker and writer, I have the opportunity to share the lessons I’ve learned both in the business world and behind bars.

I have found some of the keys to success and happiness.  I will help your group make good decisions better and bad decisions good.  I will share, through my experiences, how to ensure a forward moving work environment that is built on a strong ethical foundation, an open mind and a happier life.

Being a “seriously humorous” motivational speaker means that I have serious experiences to share I but deliver them in an entertaining way.  My background as a touring stand-up comedian, a comedy improv performer and an improv instructor has given me the tools necessary to hold the interest and attention of your group.  My ultimate goal is to make a personal connection with each member of the audience.

We all have an inner voice that tells us right from wrong.  All of us, except the sociopaths.  We tend to make poor decisions when we hear the voice, but make a conscious choice to ignore it.  I will help your business professionals learn to trust their inner voice without thinking or questioning it.

Trust builds self confidence; and a strong sense of self confidence builds strong character.

Strong decision making and trusting your instinct will instill a strong sense of ethics in the workplace.

As a bonus, my keynotes and workshops are usually approved for continuing education credits – typically ethics.  If that’s important to you, there’s your added value.