Humor and Ethics

Humor and Ethics Keynote Speaker

The words Humor and Ethics don’t often go together.  As a keynote speaker on fraud, ethics, choices and consequences, Jerome found — by including humor and comic relief into his presentations, his messages are extremely effective. Audiences find him more relatable to their career position and he comes across as extremely relatable.

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Find a funny speaker for your event

Most speakers know that having humor in their presentation is important. They know that humor and comedy helps them connect with their audience and make their speech more memorable. Any speaker coach will train their clients to use humor in their keynotes.

Finding a speaker for your conference who is truly funny and humorous can be tough. Try doing a Google search about how to be a funny speaker. You’ll find step-by-step formulas or instructions on cracking jokes and how to be funnier. I’ve come across hundreds of speakers in my 20 years as a keynote speaker. Cracking jokes may get a laugh, but in the end, the audience knows that the speaker just wasn’t authentic.

humorous keynote presentations on ethics and fraud at 3M
Corporate Keynote Speaker Jerome Mayne

“Your personal stories and your message captured and entertained the audiences at two of our biggest corporate events of the year.

Greg Strohm – Regional Director of Quality, Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Becoming a Humorous Keynote Speaker

Before Jerome became a keynote speaker who used humor, he toured the midwest as a stand-up comedian. He found that this was the best training ground. Driving hundreds of miles to do 30 minutes as a middle act at a biker/trucker bar in North Dakota — and this was on the ‘comedy night’ in the corner of the bar. The sound system was basically a Mr. Microphone box that wouldn’t have served adequate for a meeting in a small conference room. This was his training grounds for becoming a humorous keynote speaker.

Keynote Speaker’s Comedy Background

Jerome began his comedy career in Minneapolis at the Stevie Ray’s Improv Company, in 1989. He quickly became a performer with their main stage improv comedy troupe as well as an instructor for their school of improv comedy.  He still teaches a few improv classes from time to time for business professionals as well as for the general public.

From 1999 to 2003 he toured the mid-west as a stand-up comedian. It was this experience that his speaking skills, and topics developed into what they are today.

There was a significant gap in touring as a stand up comedian. It was when he was serving his 21 month prison sentence at the federal prison in Yankton, South Dakota – between 1999 and 2001.  He did however, perform stand up comedy and taught improv to the other inmates while serving his sentence.

His experience in federal prison is the primary story of his keynote presentation titled ‘Choices and Consequences‘. He did not facilitate any workshops on ethics in the workplace while in prison.

Ethics Sessions By A Humorist

Research shows that information is absorbed better, especially by audiences who are accustomed to boring ethics presentations, when presented by a humorist. This is because, with each keynote, Jerome’s audiences get a feel for the consequences of crossing the ethical line as well as riveting accounts of his experiences. These are serious topics presented with just the right amount of comic relief. Audiences at these events remember his presentation for a long long time. These real life lessons from an ethics keynote speaker have a strong impact.

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