Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity

The type of speaker who talks about overcoming adversity typically shares their personal experience of facing and overcoming challenges in their life. They may discuss a wide range of topics related to adversity, including:

1.         Health challenges: Speakers who have overcome health challenges such as being a cancer survivor, or chronic illness, or disabilities may share their experiences and offer insights on how to cope with these conditions.

2.         Mental health: Speakers who have faced mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, or addiction may discuss their journey to recovery and offer strategies for managing mental health.

3.         Personal setbacks: Speakers who have faced personal setbacks such as financial difficulties, relationship issues, or career obstacles may share their stories and offer advice on how to bounce back from setbacks.

4.         Trauma and abuse: Speakers who have experienced trauma or abuse may share their stories and offer insights on how to heal from these experiences.

5.         Resilience and growth: Speakers who have overcome adversity may share their insights on how to develop resilience and grow from challenging experiences.

It should be noted, these types of keynote speakers who talk about overcoming adversity often cross over into different categories.

Survive Life and Laugh Yourself to Death

Jerome’s amazing story of overcoming adversity takes your audience through his challenge as a cancer survivor.  Coronary artery disease, open heart surgery and a 21 month prison sentence adds obstacles that can break many people.

Jerome Mayne, Cancer Survivor, overcoming adversity

His story is riveting and inspirational, and shows what it truly means to overcome some of life’s most feared obstacles.  Through it all he survived and you’ll know what it means to define your self to ‘become who you are.’ You’ll know that your life challenges don’t need to define YOU. Rather, major life changes are but markers in your life.

In Jerome’s keynote ‘Survive Life and Laugh Your Self to Death‘ you will be inspired to:

  • Overcome adversity
  • Embrace change
  • Define success
  • Know the mindset needed to achieve your dream
  • Believe in the power of optimism and resilience
  • Step out of your own shoes
  • Take nothing for granted and live life with no regret

Laugh Yourself to Death

Survive Life — and laugh yourself to death: Everyone will leave this earth someday.  Will you live your life in the shadow of fear?  Or, will will you spend your precious time living life to the fullest?  Jerome can teach you to find humor in the middle of a nightmare and embrace the old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

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