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This top rated keynote video promo is of Jerome Mayne’s presentation, Choices & Consequences. His keynote is delivered at conferences and conventions across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Years ago he was recruited by a group of con men operating in the finance industry. His keynote presentation deals with fraud and ethics; relevant in all areas of corporate America.

Jerome’s keynotes are delivered with wit and passion. Heavily peppered with humor, Jerome makes the serious topics of fraud, ethics and prison easy to digest. A serious and humorous keynote speaker.

Jerome In Action

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This video of Jerome’s top rated keynote presentation is rooted in his own Clarity, Choices and Consequences. He impacts you audience on how these life saving lessons revolved around his family and friends. His consequences impacted everyone around him as they had to cope with the embarrassment and shame of being connected with someone who committed a crime; conspiracy to commit mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering. This is a serious story but delivered by Jerome Mayne, a funny speaker.

Top Rated Keynote Speaker Jerome Mayne

Red Flags

Jerome talks about what signs he saw or should have seen. Watch as Jerome delivers the observations of the behaviors of his, would-be, white collar crime co-conspirators. This keynote involves some mortgage fraud.

Life Changing Speaker Presentation

How does prison change your life? In Jerome’s keynote presentation on fraud about how his life changes as soon as the indictment came out in the newspapers. Jerome reveals the signs he saw or should have seen.

A Public Speaker Leaving it All Behind

The obvious industries are real estate and mortgage, which encompasses appraisers, title insurance companies, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers as well as professionals in the banking industry.

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