Business Fraud and Ethics

Keynote Speaker on Business Fraud and Ethics

Business fraud, ethics and corruption are relevant topics for any association’s business and finance conference. Finding the best speaker for your audience will directly impact the success of your event.

keynote speaker on fraud and ethics

What To Look For In A Keynote Speaker On Fraud

Not all fraud and ethics speakers will fall into the category of a Conference Keynote Speaker. You can find presenters who have the academic knowledge and are experts on these topics. But they are not necessarily experienced at being in front of a business or corporate convention audience.

A top rated and experienced keynote speaker is imperative.

How do you find a speaker who is both knowledgable in these areas, and who has the experience of delivering a dynamic and impactful keynote at your conference or convention? It’s not easy.

Let’s start with what to avoid

You’ve done your research and you’ve found a handful of business and finance speakers. They are experts or specialists on the topics of fraud, ethics and they look interesting. Knowledgeable and interesting isn’t enough. Here are 2 examples:

Continuing Education Instructors

Some of these presenters have broken into or are trying to break into the keynote speaking profession. They are typically very knowledgable and have a wealth of information. They may even have academic credentials such as — Ethics Professor and know these topics better than most. However, relaying ‘information’ on fraud and ethics is different than being a dynamic speaker. And if they have slides with bullet points… can be BORING.

All that said — I’ve met some continuing education instructors who are amazing and should be on the keynote speaking circuit.

Law Enforcement Professionals

I’ve met and shared the stage with some FBI agents who are amazing at enforcing the law. They have spent years investigating, pursuing and arresting criminals. Professions they’ve made arrests in include: legal, accounting, business finance and investors – just to name a few.

These professionals are obviously knowledgable and competent. To be sure, they have real life experience in busting business professionals and putting them behind bars. They have stories, but they are other people’s stories. Their perspective is from the standpoint of talking about what someone else did. An executive who broke the law. But they can’t truly talk about why someone broke the law. What caused the professional to cross the line or what was the emotional impact on their co-corkers, their kids, etc.

Why a professional Speaker Matters

A top rated keynote speaker matters. The world is full of speakers who are knowledgable on fraud and ethics, but for the most part you will find speakers who read bullet points from a power point.

To have the most powerful impact on your audience you would want a fraud and ethics speaker who:

  • knows first hand, the consequences of committing corporate crimes
  • has personal and professional similarities with the people in your audience
  • has many years of experience as a keynote speaker
  • is known for their ability to emotionally engage audiences — laughing, and sometimes crying

Business Ethics

Jerome is a funny and serious keynote ethics speaker. He uses effective communication, including humor and emotion. His messages stick. He’s had years of experience trading failure for success in the face of overwhelming odds; including some incredibly challenging business ethics situations.

Because of this, Jerome will show your group:

  • how he overcame adversity
  • how to make the best decisions possible – every time
  • how to make decisions as a true leader
  • to be more successful at what they do best.

Jerome found success on the other side of some of life’s most feared obstacles. You can too.

Business Fraud

We all face road blocks. There are obstacles and challenges every day that stand in the way of contentment in both life and career. The ability to make solid decisions that are ethical, are paramount.

Unshakable self confidence is a powerful quality in making good ethical decisions which can keep you out of the quagmire of business fraud.  Without confidence, all decisions and choices are second guessed.

corporate keynote speaker on fraud

Business Fraud and Ethics Presentations

By the time Jerome is in front of your group, his presentation will have been tweaked and customized to best suit your audience. This is because no two groups are the same and what is important to you, might not be the same as his last audience.

His primary keynote presentation on overcoming adversity in the face of the consequences of fraud and the challenge of business ethics is riveting and emotional. This is a true lesson in overcoming adversity.

Keynote Speaker Qualifications

Jerome is an author, master storyteller, keynote ethics speaker and a professional business trainer. His story; his journey of climbing the corporate ladder, as just a regular guy, found him in the middle of an FBI investigation, indictment, federal court and finally — prison.

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